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be fond of

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But if they want to protect the values they hold dear, and the country they love, they're going to have to start fighting the good fight.
The American society we hold dear and all of the values it embodies are too precious to cede to the Religious Right.
Working with sexually abused children forces a person to rethink all of the absolute beliefs they hold dear.
Passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, the Patriot Act has equipped law enforcement with critical tools--tools necessary to construct America's defense against threats to the freedoms we hold dear.
For African Americans who observe Kwanzaa, we give to underscore values of community and cooperation we hold dear.
We are talking about a war being waged by organized evil on a global scale--a conspiracy of evil men leading the World Revolution that seeks to overthrow everything that you and I and every decent American hold dear.
On the other hand, much lies beyond our control: the loss of all we hold dear, the deaths of those we most love.
The latter, a friend of "classical" modernism, complained in 1913 of the "surface artists" in whose work "images have become slogans"--anticipating what some late-twentieth century modernist standard-bearers would say in the face of postmodernist deflation of the ideals they hold dear.
Making a will ensures that the assets you have acquired, such as home equity, cars, mutual funds, savings accounts, art, and antiques, can go to the people and causes you hold dear.
I hold dear the issue of human rights; it is very important and significant to me.
The trend, though seemingly innocuous at the time, struck at the very heart of what we as a people hold dear.
USWA President Becker will say: "It is my deeply held belief that approval of PNTR would be devastating to our national interests and the values and ideals we hold dear.
In choosing to serve God we may have to forfeit much that we hold dear.
Consumers love competition when they feel like it benefits them and doesn't threaten places they hold dear.