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Synonyms for hoist

Synonyms for hoist

to move (something) to a higher position

an instance of lifting or being lifted

Synonyms for hoist

lifting device for raising heavy or cumbersome objects

raise or haul up with or as if with mechanical help

move from one place to another by lifting


References in classic literature ?
Two hours after, the same noise, the same going and coming was renewed; the boat was hoisted on board, replaced in its socket, and the Nautilus again plunged under the waves.
A single triangular sail, of strong canvas, was hoisted as a storm-jib, so as to hold the wind from behind.
They set the mast in its socket in the cross plank, raised it, and made it fast with the forestays; then they hoisted their white sails aloft with ropes of twisted ox hide.
There must have been many open mouths and following eyes on board those ships - Dutch, English, with a sprinkling of Americans and a German or two - who had all hoisted their flags at eight o'clock as if in honour of our arrival.
Yes, you'll soon see this right whale's head hoisted up opposite that parmacetti's.
At length a white flag was descried hoisted as a signal on Cape Disappointment.
We averaged four mass-meetings a week for the voyage--we seemed always in labor in this way, and yet so often fallaciously that whenever at long intervals we were safely delivered of a resolution, it was cause for public rejoicing, and we hoisted the flag and fired a salute.
In the meantime, with the first gray lines that lighted up the heavens, the canoe hoisted its little sail, which, swelling with the kisses of the breeze, and carrying them rapidly from the coast, made bravest way towards Spain, across the dreaded Gulf of Gascony, so rife with storms.
The units of that vast and varied population bought and learnt what had happened; there had been a fight and New York had hoisted the white flag.
He now let go the sail, with the result that he was drifted toward the far shore, where are black shadows he knew not the dangers of, but suspected them, and so once more hoisted his night-gown and went roomer of the shadows until he caught a favouring wind, which bore him westward, but at so great a speed that he was like to be broke against the bridge.
Borckman and the boat's crew hoisted the mainsail and put the Arangi on her course.
Snarling, struggling, choking, in a fresh madness of terror at this new outrage, Ben Bolt was slowly hoisted by his neck up from the floor, until, quite clear of it, whirling, squirming, battling, suspended by his neck like a man being hanged, his wind was shut off and he began to suffocate.
Oh, I felt a rare young devil, as we hoisted the big mainsail that morning, broke out anchor, and filled away close-hauled on the three-mile beat to windward out into the bay.
But he didn't like to leave his oatmeal outside for fear something would happen to it, because there were always mischievous boys around, so he hoisted the bag on his back and walked into church with it and right to the top of the aisle to Grandfather King's pew.
32-54) When he had said this, he had mast and sail hoisted on the ship, and the wind filled the sail and the crew hauled taut the sheets on either side.