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the handle of a hoe

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When I fashioned my first Victory Hoe handle from an old lx4 pine board and rounded the edges I found it surprisingly more comfortable than a round handle.
A hoe handle worn smooth from years of callused hands or a blade nicked, scored and dented is a constant warm reminder of those who came before, father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, even great-grandfather or great-grandmother, who tilled and toiled the soil years ago with that same tool.
Because the blade was narrow, the cutting edge could line up with the centerline of the hoe handle, ensuring an accurate aim in cutting weeds rather than crops.
Use a stake or hoe handle to poke a hole about 3 inches deeper than the length of the root piece; drop the chunk into the hole, thin end down; refill.
Men of the village gather at the mphala to eat, chitchat, and mend their tools: hoes, axes, spears, wooden ax and hoe handles, and knives.