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a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle

dig with a hoe

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PST produced demonstration arrays of this type, and was by then working with dual-face PV cells, using the HOE to deliver light to both sides of a cell, a distinct improvement on standard arrays which could only deliver light to the sun-facing side of the cell.
Police were also given the bloodstained hoe from the scene of the crime.
It crashed into a tree on the central reservation before returning to its correct side of the road and then turned down a track towards a farm shop where it drove at speed into a metal fence When the relatives pursuing him pulled their car up behind it Hoe drove into the vehicle before jumping out and running off with the laptop and a jacket.
Of course that doesn't mean you can't hoe flowerbeds and borders, it just takes a little more care so not to damage plants.
HOE brings exceptional expertise and an outstanding reputation to our existing business in this market.
From start to finish, Hoe has organized a volume which will hold the attention of any reader.
As aspirantskrywers hulle oe en ore oophou, is daar nog orals "slypskole" van een of ander aard waar hulle vir 'n naweek of langer aan die kniee van meesters en meesteresse kan gaan luister hoe dit nou eintlik gedoen moet word.
Spike hoe was also operated manually at 15, 25, 35 and 45 DAS and its spikes removed minor amount of weeds; crop was laid down after its implementation as in tine cultivator.
The Victory Hoe is a homemade, adjustable angle, weeding tool that resets your concept of what a hoe should look like.
Former Chelsea player Leon Knight, 29, said that the model had trapped her husband O'Hara, 25, because he did not have a "sat nav hoe alert device.
On 18 July 2012 the Olympic Torch will travel underground on the 9km section from Eurotunnel's Folkestone Terminal to the 30-hectare nature reserve at Samphire Hoe.
You can always rent a larger model or hire a pro if your hoe isn't up to the task.
Hoe hoe hoe There's no better time to buy a hoe if you don't already have one.
The Valley Oak wheel hoe is much faster than a stirrup hoe and is designed to reduce back strain.
com) a web site that features mostly made in North America lawn and garden supplies and farm and ranch supply, now makes The Rogue hoe garden tools available to its ever-growing customer base.