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a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle

dig with a hoe

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Where plants are arranged randomly, it's difficult to quickly weed with a hoe because constant sideways movement of the hoe is needed rather than simply pulling or pushing it in a straight line.
In the year to 31 December 2013, HOE reported revenue of $41mn and employs around 150 people.
Hoe is uniquely qualified to craft a biography on Meadows for several reasons.
This week is a good time to hoe between veggies to keep weeds at bay
Liewe Neelsie vertel kordaat in 1931 aan ons Hoe om te skrywe (saam met 'n akademikus, nogal) en met die oprigting van die Skryfskool by die destydse Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir Christelike Hoer Onderwys word opleiding in skryf selfs 'n korporatiewe onderneming.
There is nothing complicated about making the Victory Hoe.
Knight, currently without a club, started the row by tweeting: "Hoes have to know 80 percent of men have a sat nav hoe alert device programmed into our brains you can't fool us lol.
Kyle Robinson, 25, smashed the hoe handle against Nigel Gray's arm, cutting his elbow, which had to be stitched.
Hoe hoe hoe There's no better time to buy a hoe if you don't already have one.
The Valley Oak wheel hoe is much faster than a stirrup hoe and is designed to reduce back strain.
com) a web site that features mostly made in North America lawn and garden supplies and farm and ranch supply, now makes The Rogue hoe garden tools available to its ever-growing customer base.
Occasionally the blades show some wear from where handles were attached much like the figurine's hoe.
The CNH Precision Air Hoe Drill, available as the Case IH Precision Hoe[TM] 800 Air Hoe Drill and the New Holland P2070 Precision Hoe Drill, delivers the precise seed and fertilizer placement demanded by producers growing high-value, small-seeded crops on large acreages.
Hoe regularly to help prevent the regrowth of some perennial weeds.
Ivan Hoe Lissanevitch won the boy's category edgeding Aabhaya Gauchan 8-5 in the final.