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Synonyms for hocus-pocus

esoteric, formulaic, and often incomprehensible speech relating to the occult

Synonyms for hocus-pocus

verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way

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The New Testament (Bible): "War, plague, sex, torture, death, hocus-pocus, blokes with long beards.
It is a special branch of science much scoffed off by some scientists because its theories are difficult to prove, and seem a lot like hocus-pocus to scientists and laymen alike.
With a little hocus-pocus, they are misdirecting the public and focusing the attention of voters on everything but the real reason for the recall.
My mother, though scarcely overjoyed, dismissed the whole matter, along with sex, as of no interest to her whatever Actor Simon Callow Black propaganda and intelligence hocus-pocus - Labour MP George Galloway's response to allegations that he was in the pay of Saddam Hussein I have townie girl friends who come to stay, with perfectly manicured nails, who marvel at my simple way of life but who would rather stick pins in their eyes than be more than 200 metres from the shops - Ex-Bond Girl actress Fiona Fullerton, now a country dweller
Taxpayers shouldn't be forced to accept this hocus-pocus," Huebsch told reporters.
Deploying techniques imported from the world of commercial advertising and marketing, and less scientific sociological hocus-pocus, the growing cadre of trial consultants is transforming American justice, though not necessarily for the better.
397) did its best to downplay trees as a sink for carbon dioxide with hocus-pocus science and computer modeling.
HOLLYWOOD The WB has played a little hocus-pocus with its schedule, adding a second run of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" to Friday nights and moving frosh comedy "Grosse Pointe" to Sundays.
They have experimented with different compounds, modified tool designs, altered the flow of helicoils and in general have attempted infinite combinations of ingenious hocus-pocus to solve these unending problems.
Poverty, international economic relations, and the environmental wasteland being created in the Amazon basin were all displaced in favor of theological hocus-pocus.
Newsweek's headline, IT'S MORE THAN MAGIC, suggested that some new medical hocus-pocus has made the AIDS catastrophe a thing of the past--especially if you have a good attitude.
Hilarious with optimism and blinded by greed, the buccaneer bankers of Drexel Burnham Lambert created billions of dollars of credit for mergers, acquisitions and leveraged hocus-pocus by the sale of bonds whose value was ultimately guaranteed by no more than a promise and a prayer.
LUDICROUS Some appear twice - or even three times - in this hocus-pocus list.
AVOIDING stepping on the cracks in pavements or walking beneath ladders is readily regarded as hocus-pocus superstition.
Unfortunately, the hocus-pocus storyline is both thin and preposterous.