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sports implement consisting of a stick used by hockey players to move the puck

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Brett will contribute design ideas for Miken's line of high performance composite hockey sticks as well as other protective gear, and his prominence and respect in the world of hockey will help elevate Miken's exposure to players of all levels.
They had a knife and a hockey stick, which they used in the attack, before dumping the knife in the water in the bay near Dohat Arad.
We conclude unequivocally that the evidence for a 'long-handled' hockey stick is lacking in the data," the authors wrote.
When the men got back into the van one still had the hockey stick and another had something stuck up his sleeve.
DREAM-MAKER: Bob Zeller, the driving force behindice hockey in Belfast; HOLLYWOOD HUNK: Crowe may swap his sword for a hockey stick
A FAMILY was confronted late at night by three young men wearing tights over their faces and wielding hockey sticks, a jury heard yeserday.
The girl said she had recognised all three men and that Murphy had struck her father on the head with a hockey stick outside their home.
in May 1993, operating managers gave him two presents: a hockey stick and a sandbag.
First EA SPORTS NHL Title on Wii to Include Hockey Stick Controller
A COVENTRY dad has been jailed for nine months after an alcohol-fuelled hockey stick attack on a man at a city bedsit.
Dinesh forced him out, but the three tried to get back in until Kishan grabbed a hockey stick.
Adidas 45 maxi hockey stick This top-of-the-range hockey stick is one of the best on the market.
A THUG who left a shoe shop boss unable to read, write or count after smashing a hockey stick over his head was jailed for four years yesterday.
A police officer whose right eye "imploded" when he was struck by a hockey stick during a game at a training college in Suffolk has launched a High Court battle for damages.
Chatter Sticks[TM] are constructed through a blow molding process creating a durable plastic miniature likeness of a real hockey stick.