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an ice skate worn for playing hockey

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to slightly heat the hockey skate blade thanks to electric energy supplied by a battery," explains Albertan Tory Weber, inventor of the blade.
As for hockey skates, their carefully crafted blades are precisely measured between a 9- and 11-foot radius to create the perfect balance of agility and speed (a shorter radius for more agility, a longer one for more speed).
The brand's newest ad featuring Crosby and the Rbk 9K Pump Hockey Skate will launch in consumer and trade publications throughout North America beginning November 14th.
It is essentially the same as any "stand-up" ice hockey game, with the major difference being that all players sit in a sled that is attached to two hockey skate blades under the seat.
As a result, the rest of the hockey world waits in anticipation for the lightest, most comfortable, most protective liveliest hockey skate ever, according to Vice President of Easton Hockey Ned Goldsmith.
the world's foremost hockey skate and equipment company which was recently acquired by NIKE.
And that's when I put on figure-skating skates, which are very different [from] ice hockey skates, I found out.
In her high school years, she raced on the cross-country team in the fall and laced up her hockey skates in the winter.
Cherry obviously chooses to hang up his Christian mantle when he laces up his hockey skates or picks up a microphone.
The cost per session is PS10 which includes use of equipment, but players are encouraged to have their own hockey skates and helmet to get started.
Sports Trader is now open for business, whether you're looking for a bicycles, hockey skates, golf clubs, or looking to pick up a new sport, Sports Trader's staff is waiting to serve the community with experience and a friendly attitude.
To Telelatino Network's Aldo Di Felice, regardless of whether it is for a four-, 10-, or 15-pilot screening room, "We are Canadian, we always bring a toque (winter hat), gloves and hockey skates with us wherever we go.
The largely beginner skaters tottered their way around the small square in figure and hockey skates, pushing up a thick layer of snow shavings over the ice from heavy use.
It's not the first time Flaherty has opted for the more frugal re-sole of old shoes for his budget announcement, but in 2007 he purchased a pair of hockey skates for his son.