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an ice skate worn for playing hockey

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That's a quote from Dhiren Master, president of Thermablade, the company that brings us the heated hockey skate blade.
The Tuuk Lightspeed Holder and Perf Runner, the latest incarnation of the world's most popular hockey skate blade holder, can be found on the latest lines of both elite-level Bauer and Nike hockey skates.
Waterloo Engineering alumnus, Jeffrey Azzolin, developed Bladetech hockey skates after noticing that some skates on the market boast increased speed due to their lighter construction.
The brand's newest ad featuring Crosby and the Rbk 9K Pump Hockey Skate will launch in consumer and trade publications throughout North America beginning November 14th.
The Easton Speed Institute is about innovating a fresh approach to hockey skate designs that speaks to optimizing speed and creating the ultimate skater's skate.
It is essentially the same as any "stand-up" ice hockey game, with the major difference being that all players sit in a sled that is attached to two hockey skate blades under the seat.
Post-season, the new 9K Pump Hockey Skate has been part of the success behind Sidney Crosby and Pavel Datsyuk's performance.
As a result, the rest of the hockey world waits in anticipation for the lightest, most comfortable, most protective liveliest hockey skate ever, according to Vice President of Easton Hockey Ned Goldsmith.
We have spent the last few years working extremely hard to develop our technology from the ground up, with input from both elite and recreational players, and we believe Thermablades are truly the next wave in hockey skate technology.
The game follows similar rules to ice hockey, with players competing in specially designed sleds affixed with two ice hockey skate blades.
It's thin and light-perfect for minimalist running shoes, tight cycling shoes, and the form fit hockey skate or ski boot.
Sharks forward John McCarthy and the hockey team's mascot, FINZ, will be on hand for a free public skate on half of the arena's ice and a youth hockey skate and shoot-around with pads at the other end of the rink, according to Michael A.
Superfeet originally produced insoles for ski boots and hockey skates, but quickly expanded into other athletic applications.
I steady myself, then wait a moment while some bigger kids whiz by on hockey skates.
At Play It Again Sports, shoppers can find a variety of quality-used sports equipment, such as hockey skates or baseball gloves, which can affordably replace the ones their kids out grew from last season.