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a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey


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Leclerc may not have officially invented street hockey -- kids have been playing hockey in the streets with tennis balls and wooden hockey sticks for decades -- but he was the first to manufacture equipment specifically for street hockey, items like plastic hockey stick blades and plastic balls specifically designed to act like hockey pucks.
Back to the Transporter Sync device we were testing: You drag a folder onto an image of the hockey puck, which then sends it out to storage somewhere else; i.
Items available to bid on include tours of Mount Vernon and the Virginia wine country, a hockey puck signed by Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom, a fiddle signed by Charlie Daniels, tank driving lessons, and more.
They use a small stick in a gloved hand to push a puck - similar to an ice hockey puck - weighing up to 2 kg along the bottom of the swimming pool into the opposing team's goal, which is a three metre gully at the opposite end of a 25m swimming pool.
And then at the base of it there's a little rubber disc, which is actually a hockey puck that it's embedded in.
A video features a gorilla sitting behind a drum set rocking out to Phil Collins' "in the Air Tonight," a fisherman fighting a bear, and a blended hockey puck are but a sample of the videos included in the article.
The only complaint here is that there is no hockey bobble, just a Hockey Puck kit that comes with a mini-novelty hockey stick and two pucks that you can paint.
The Coley family - dad Simon, Ben, six, cancer sufferer Matthew, eight, and mum Julie, from Radyr, with the signed hockey puck presented to Matthew by the Cardiff Devils before their match against the Nottingham Panthers
As he entered the bench area, the plaintiff was struck in the right eye by a hockey puck shot by Lampl, a Chicago Steel player.
If, for example, a head mounted, hockey puck style transmitter is installed, no extra certification is needed for the electronics module.
For example, the number of males incurring hockey puck impact injuries in NACRS totalled 8,377; representing 17.
Though the ring utilized is larger than a hockey puck, Fiddler said that doesn't really create any problems for her.
The sterling Down, though, ventured to take a bite out of the ice hockey puck masquerading as a piece of meat on his plate.
Nababiep and her companions stay active by batting the ice pop around like a hockey puck and rolling around with it.
Adam Sandler has never been better than as a dreadful ice hockey player whose only virtue is that he can whack a hockey puck harder than the rest of his team mates.