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a coach of hockey players

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Of the 24 boys' and eight girls' teams participating in the tournament; hardly three have a proper ground, let alone a specialised hockey coach.
e ch he BARBARA WILLIAMs the first female ice hockey coach in the NHL the New York Islanders in 1977.
Charlie's hockey coach has five golden rules and, according to him, the team needs to follow those rules if they want to play well.
London, September 13 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber's skating skills have impressed a minor league ice hockey coach so much that he offered a contract to the teen popstar for a tryout.
GB hockey coach Jason Lee admits it is a huge task raise his side's confidence and spirits after the "traumatic" semifinal defeat by Holland.
GREAT Britain hockey coach Jason Lee hailed the quality and grit of his side after they bounced back from 3-0 down to earn a draw against world number ones Australia.
WIN HEATH, a former teacher at Liverpool John Moores University and national hockey coach, is the new captain of Cheshire Ladies.
Set in a sorority house with Despina as the housemother, two adolescent girls, their hockey-jock boyfriends and a manipulative hockey coach named Don all fuelled great intrigue and a lot of laughs.
Princethorpe hockey coach Colin Dexter said: "Tom has a natural flair for the sport.
Hockey coach Joaquim Carvalho said that the team was angry at being "treated like orphans" and four players and two team officials would go on a hunger strike to protest.
With UCLA-bound junior Hannah MacKechnie and freshmen Kelly Johnson and Lauren Lindstrom all making significant contributions, Hethcock has likened himself to a hockey coach making line changes.
But German manager Jurgen Klinsmann has stunned the country by demanding the national field hockey coach gets the role instead.
hockey coach Karen Narvie from Eel River Bar First Nation, N.
These characteristics are consistent with the demographic profiles of a typical minor league hockey coach (Spallanzani, 1988).
I was quickly able to get enough information using WebWatcher to call the police, who then arrested my daughter's 39 year-old hockey coach, who was later convicted using the evidence from WebWatcher.