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a meeting at which hockey players receive special evaluation and instruction

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Fresh off the ice, the group had just finished participating in one of many sledge hockey clinics at the annual National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic held March 29-April 3.
Roller hockey: The Santa Clarita Roller Hockey Center will conduct a Play Factory Roller Hockey clinic focusing on offense and defense today.
I went to practically every sporting goods store and hockey clinic in the Valley to leave fliers.
Enjoying the break from the summer heat, many young hockey players were sharpening their skills and getting a good workout at the Future Mountaineer Hockey Clinic, headed by Wachusett Regional High varsity hockey coach Matt Lane.
Members of the team volunteered for Worcester's Festival of Lights event, held an indoor hockey clinic at Elm Park Community School, and volunteered at the Pitch, Hit and Run event.
Hockey: The Los Angeles Kings Youth Roller Hockey Clinic is scheduled for 5-7 p.
Dickson is also a veteran of the Jump-Start Field Hockey Clinic run by Bromfield coach Sue Silver.
They will also travel to North Carolina to participate in field hockey clinics, activities on sports and disability rights, and community volunteerism at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.
Both Hill and Hirsch are hopeful for the team's future success as they build closer ties with the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, offering monthly sled hockey clinics in coordination with the hospital's recreational and physical therapists.
I have been traveling extensively through out India, organising hockey clinics and using my Bollywood connections to generate interest among people in sports, especially hockey.
21 for skating, a free live concert series and free hockey clinics.
Organised by Royal Air Force Careers, sponsors of the Welsh Hockey Union (WHU) and Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), the rugby and hockey clinics will run at parallel times this coming Friday.
LA Kings Downtown On Ice opened seven days a week (including Holidays) and featured various activities such as "Glide In Movies," a free youth hockey clinics, a free winter festival, weekend kids' zone interactive entertainment and more.
In addition to her coaching duties, Mathez also travels across the province to hold hockey clinics for young Aboriginal players.
The resort puts on special activities such as hockey clinics, "glow bug skating" for kids, and ice shows.