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a disreputable vagrant

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To avoid any awkward moments and to ensure there is never any confusion about which steak belongs to you, Hobos have a cute little 'Hobos cow' standing on your steak, indicating how it has been cooked.
Indeed, Granade's focus on Partch's identity as a hobo builds from the biographical work of his predecessors--along with apparent heavy lifting in the Harry Partch Archive at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign--to draw attention back to specific compositions and how they may be understood within the framework of hobo identity.
A swing, bluegrass, blues, and folk infusion - The Grass Mountain Hobos are now spreading their wings from Canada and taking their act to the rest of the world.
Hobohemia was particularly strong the Chicago and the West where hobos organized around these values to minimize wage dependency and exploitation.
Most hobos carried in their bindle, or pack, a knife, fork and spoon and sometimes a metal dish and coffee cup.
Technically, hobos are just a kind of homeless who happen to ride trains--some have substance-abuse problems, mental illness, troubled backgrounds, just like "homeguards," as hobos call those known as winos.
The Keyspan USB Server, when used in conjunction with HOBO loggers, enables users to remotely manage and access HOBO loggers distributed throughout a facility and to receive alarm notification via email or cell phone when environmental conditions exceed set thresholds.
When hobos rode the rails, they needed a way to communicate with other hobos.
In the world of train-hopping hobos, Robert Joseph Silveria was an insider - a fellow rail rider who police believe used that knowledge to prey upon his victims.
HOBOs are portable electronic recording device that can be set up in minutes to monitor temperature, humidity, light, and other types of data.
The woodcuts depict the symbols used by post-Civil War hobos to share information with each other during their travels.
Last year, our school ran a program to track energy using HOBOs.
I never hung out with hobos or anything," Mondragon said.
Following are some real-world examples of how students have used HOBOs inside and outside of the classroom:
By making science fun, HOBOs help stimulate the critical thinking skills that students need to excel.