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a disreputable vagrant

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Hobo spiders - known by the scientific name Tegenaria agrestis - look like common house spiders but are bigger, with thicker, hairy legs.
However, Granade places much emphasis on foregrounding hobo culture, and these discussions are bracketed in two chapter-length interludes, rather than woven throughout the text, which makes for an unconventional read.
Hobo, who lay flat on the ground, was pelted with razor sharp shards of metal.
Narrator D: Later, John is in Kansas City, Kansas, when an old hobo comes by.
This all started with his song Like A Hobo - and led him to virtually embrace the lifestyle as he busked his way around Europe and played gigs across the UK - sometimes to less than 10 people.
CHARLIE WINSTON Hobo (Real World Records) w IT used to a rock and roll clich that you were big in Japan.
Onset's line of research-grade weather stations, which start at $215, include HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems, 4-channel HOBO Micro Stations, and 15-channel HOBO Weather Stations.
What's needed is for all of us to adopt the Hobo philosophy of hard work, thrift, environmental awareness, and sharing.
Onset Computer Corporation, the "HOBO[R]" data logger company, recently announced improved measurement accuracy of its HOBO Water Level data loggers.
Hobo Finds a Home" is the story of a cat named Hobo who is not happy with his current living situation on a farm.
Herein lies the tragedy of Vancouver Through the Eyes of a Hobo: to save the hobo required the destruction of the hobo way of life.
Onset Computer Corporation has developed the Real-Time Alarm application for use with the company's HOBO data logger software.
TOM WAITS started off arty in the 1970s with his tinkly jazz piano and hobo demeanour.
Onset's HOBO FlexSmart logger--a modular, reconfigurable data logging system--allows energy and facility management professionals to solve a broad range of energy and industrial monitoring applications.
His accounts are unconventional at the least; from attending a hobo convention in Iowa to his search for James Thurber's spirit in Columbus, OH and his entry to the forbidden Cuba on a cultural exchange program.