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Synonyms for hobnob

Synonyms for hobnob

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rub elbows with

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Top 10 1 Chocolate Digestive 2 Chocolate Hobnob 3 Jammie Dodger 4 Custard Cream 5 Shortbread 6 Bourbon 7 Jaffa Cake 8 Ginger Nut 9 Digestive 10 Wagon Wheel
Hobnob can combine any device or carrier, even 4G LTE.
The biscuit and snack group is launching McVitie's Hobnobs Cookies (rsp: [pounds sterling]1.
That said, the chocolate HobNob row does remind us perhaps of the petty humiliations Abbott may have had to endure (and apparently still does), on her way up to iconhood.
Neil - nicknamed Brillo - made the HobNob remark as he joked about PM Gordon Brown's favourite biscuit.
Another popular series is the "Dancemopolitan" at Joe's Pub, where downtown dance celebrities hobnob at each others' tables between fun and outrageous acts.
For decades Straub was a successful Hollywood television producer more likely to hobnob with the rich and famous than the poor and downtrodden.
Hobnob with visiting luminaries at the Hotel Monaco's wine hour (5-6 P.
CORRECTION: Though Jesse Jackson blasted his own country (which did send a delegation), while at the racism conference he was delighted to hobnob with the likes of terrorist Arafat and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, among the world's most bloodstained tyrants.
Well that is the price to pay when you hobnob with a celebrity.
If I hobnob with Taylor, it's because he needs Jesus.
A second chance to hobnob with Nobel laureates awaits Nagarkatti and James Lawler, 16, of Greenwich, Conn.
Fundraising tools, technology and intelligence provider Qgiv announced on Wednesday a new social fundraising platform Hobnob.
So let's get this straight - these people have spent the last few months living in a multi-million pound house in central London, with all expenses paid, getting to hobnob with the stars, and now they're imploring ordinary people to spend their hard-earned money saving them from the fate worse than death that is their actual life.
Watching Gordon Brown hobnob with his EU colleagues brought to mind the words of another Scot, the pioneer economist Adam Smith: