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a short nail with a thick head

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supply with hobnails

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So any donations of hay time clothing, in particular hobnail boots, corduroy trousers with braces, a waistcoat and a hat would be gratefully received in any shape or size.
ANGELS IN HOBNAIL BOOTS By Haydn Williams Hafod Books, pounds 7.
Smith Glass will introduce pieces with nostalgic appeal to its existing handmade Hobnail collection.
Murphy's forked tongue has done far less damage than Henry's hobnail boots and Wolves' habit of leaking late goals.
With a tobacco-rolled peacemaker in her hand, No Smoking signs in her sight and a bottle of cheap whisky in her top drawer, she's a lady who thinks rules are for wimps - unless you hobnail one of hers of course.
Dressing a festive bed for the holidays is Legacy's rich tomato-red hobnail corduroy duvet, priced at $339, with matching neck roll at $58, and shams for $79, over Wildcat Territory's Crescendo sheets, at $200 per set.
BACK in the days of flat caps, hobnail boots and when football was a working class game, the Labour Party published a campaign poster to lure the fans' vote.
One grave was explored and diggers found the skeleton of a man who had been buried in his hobnail boots in a wooden coffin, with pottery grave goods.
The practice of covering table legs, popularly believed to be on account of Victorian prudery, is revealed principally as a way to protect them from the clogs and hobnail boots of the common working man.
Other looks included denim and khaki from Baby Guess, denim and chambray at Gerber, seersucker at Red Calliope, Oxford cloth and hobnail corduroy at Sumersault, and brushed cotton and ticking stripes at Cotton Tale.
As well as scoring both goals against the Busby Babes in the 1957 FA Cup final, McParland's shoulder charge on Ray Wood - a legitimate manoeuvre in the era of hobnail boots - left Manchester United's goalkeeper with a fractured cheekbone after only six minutes.
Bad Cava is rare, but is clumpy and clumsy - a hobnail boots kind of fizz.
In the heyday of the South Wales coalfield, the men that cut the coal, worked by the light of a hand-lamp, wore a flat cap and moleskin trousers, with yorks fastened below the knee to keep out rats and other creepy crawlies, and hobnail boots.