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a person who pursues an activity in their spare time for pleasure

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Fellow hobbyists from the Facebook page Gundam Philippines congratulated him and shared their thoughts about Mediavillo's creation.
Nada, another hobbyist at the society, said the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is an ideal place to invite people from all nationalities to witness Mercury's transit.
Even though Oscar is wellaccomplished in her profession, the hobbyist still has his eyes on pursuing his passion as a career in the future.
An engineer on the job is looking for access to many of the same tools and resources accessible to the hobbyist community.
In the hobbyist realm, early signs of development in this area came in 2009 when Bath University mechanical engineering student Rhys Jones revived the old idea of making PCBs by depositing metal into preformed channels.
At smaller sizes, this subtropical fish from Asia is extremely popular for hobbyists with saltwater aquariums, but the red lionfish is a major worry to government biologists charged with protecting native species in the wild.
Hobbyists today can spend a pretty penny working on their complicated designs.
With the advent of computers and computer games, the scale model industry has experienced a significant drop-off of model car hobbyists in the coveted youth market.
Publications like The American Indian Hobbyist were catalogues for "replicated authentic materials," Deloria notes.
com/microchip, the Digilent Cerebot[TM] 32MX4 Robotics Development Kit addresses the growing interest in robotics applications in the academic and hobbyist markets.
Under the FAA model aircraft rules, a 10-year-old hobbyist can freely fly model aircraft for recreation, while our nation's scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs are prohibited from using the same technology in the same types of environments,'' the letter said.
com)-- Launched in 2008 with the aim of bringing social media-powered ecommerce to the hobbyist community, Martingale's portfolio of sites has grown to include specialist sites for diecast enthusiasts, slot car racers and model train enthusiasts - as well as HobbyTalk.
Britain and the Netherlands are among the few places with long-term data on insect diversity, thanks to hobbyist groups that include Britain's Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society.
An aquarium hobbyist for more than 25 years, Christopher Brightwell draws upon his experience and expertise in The Nano-Reef Handbook to provide aspiring aquarium developers with a comprehensive, "user friendly" instructional guide to creating and maintaining their nano-reef aquarium including such factors as filtration, lighting, temperature control, water chemistry, and identifying more than thirty of the most highly recommended fishes and invertebrates for placement into their nano-reef aquarium.
At the recent Horticulture 2014, the garden show put up by the Philippine Horticultural Society in Quezon City, the Best-Plant-In-Show was exhibited by a plant hobbyist who collects rare plants from wherever they are available and nurture them in his garden.