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Synonyms for hobbyhorse

a topic to which one constantly reverts

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a child's plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers

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The toolbox came about because we want to give back to the hobbyhorse community and create a platform for people to learn about the community, the sport, and the art of hobbyhorsing.
His latest hobbyhorse is the eurozone crisis and, for once, the Chancellor has reason to moan.
Of late, it seems, Jane Austen has become everyone's favorite hobbyhorse.
For early twentieth-century elite musicians and intellectuals, the danza was a favored hobbyhorse.
This whole episode brings me back to an old hobbyhorse of mine: the need for all Israeli schoolchildren, Jews and Arabs, to learn the history of the country.
The executive has made the abolition of banking secrecy its hobbyhorse.
His statement that the shake-up will cement the firm grip of the rich on elite universities shows that he is unaware of the programmes undertaken by those universities to promote access to all social groups, and it appears that he is just riding his usual hobbyhorse.
They tease his or her understanding, sometimes pulling it deeper into the unknown, sometimes merely providing the reader a hobbyhorse to whip toward a familiar destination--usually eros or Thanatos, in my experience.
Not like our red hobbyhorse that I can ride whenever I want.
With no sensible policies to offer, Ataka has seized on opposition to Turkey joining the European Union as a rather shaky hobbyhorse to plod forward to next year's polls.
Copley is often unintelligible as "a functioning lunatic", who paints his face blue and pretends to be Braveheart, riding a hobbyhorse into battle against the English.
Chapter 4 investigates a popular hobbyhorse of Berlin Dada artists--the criticism and rejection of modes of identity like the military authoritarian figure in Weimar culture.
The legend goes that the name was adopted when they randomly stuck a knife into a dictionary and hit the noun Dada, or hobbyhorse in French.
It formed the basis of the pigment that colored the wrappers of sweets, and the dye in the paint that made little Billy's hobbyhorse glow all the brighter.
Over the weekend of May 28-31, 600 villagers act as Grenadiers, a hobbyhorse, a fool and peasants, whilst scouring Combe Martin for the 'Earl of Rone'.