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Synonyms for hobby



Synonyms for hobby

a child's plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers

small Old World falcon formerly trained and flown at small birds

References in classic literature ?
And now," said the master, laughing, "I have given my hobby a good trot out, can't you make up your mind to mount him, too, captain?
You must see that I cannot stay in Alencon: my mother would beat me, and Madame Lardot rides a hobby of principles; she'll turn me off.
1] Hobby, or hobbyhorse, a favorite theme of thought; hence, "to mount a hobby" is to follow a favorite pursuit.
I ran it more by way of a hobby than for any other reason, and my children persuaded me to sell it.
I remember that as I picked them up, I observed the title of one of them, THE ORIGIN OF TREE WORSHIP, and it struck me that the fellow must be some poor bibliophile, who, either as a trade or as a hobby, was a collector of obscure volumes.
He was here either to get things out of the sea, or to write upon the probable course of Odysseus, for Greek after all was his hobby.
Darcy fluttered off, only, however, to come hurrying back with little, short, [61] scudding steps, to implore them all to come to tea with her as soon as possible in the garden that was her special hobby, and in her last new summer-house.
Politeness is his great hobby, and he claims that if a child is allowed to do an impolite thing one cannot expect the grown person to do anything better.
He was a pretty good scholar despite his love of fun, and his particular hobby was paleontology.
A hobby, for instance,--a collection of postage stamps, china, any common aim of any sort?
At the time when Cornelius van Baerle began to devote himself to tulip-growing, expending on this hobby his yearly revenue and the guilders of his father, there was at Dort, living next door to him, a citizen of the name of Isaac Boxtel who from the age when he was able to think for himself had indulged the same fancy, and who was in ecstasies at the mere mention of the word "tulban," which
an excellent woman, but it is her hobby to believe that everyone is tottering on the brink of the grave; and, upon my life, I believe she is offended if people don't fall into it
One of his hobbies was to wait for the American Shakespeare--a hobby more patient than angling.
Poisons are his hobby, so of course he sees them everywhere.
I believe it will cost over a hundred thousand; that's his hobby just now.