hobble skirt

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a long skirt very narrow below the knees, worn between 1910 and 1914

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French couturier Paul Poiret relates his claim to invention of the hobble skirt to another claim, that of successfully waging "war upon [the corset].
Yes, I freed the bust, but I shackled the leg"--a reference to the hobble skirt shown in Figure 5.
By 1913 a new silhouette created by designer Paul Poiret had revolutionized fashion, comprising a hobble skirt, relatively small hat and free-flowing figure.
Continuing in that vein, AW15 was a study A in texture and form, inspired, she said, by the Victorians - hence the opening slew of [euro]ared-hem hobble skirts and the saturated damask and paisley prints.
She says: "There won't be a return to hobble skirts and cumbersome petticoats, but there could be a revival of the shapes and styles of the Edwardian and Victorian eras.
It fulminated against doctors; vivisection; hobble skirts ("Don't cry, Tommy; it's only a woman"); marriage of American girls to foreign fortune-hunters; and ticket speculators.