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an imaginary being similar to a person but smaller and with hairy feet

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Tolkien: Tolkien Bestiary, Tolkien: the Illustrated Encyclopedia, Tolkien's Ring, Hobbit Companion, and World of Tolkien.
But it just seemed like a shame because obviously hobbits are not brown or black or any other color.
And of course Tolkien's influence both on the dictionary itself and on the English language, just as the authors argue, is manifest in the fact that this first supplement is one on science fiction and fantasy, the latter of which he somewhat rescued from obscurity and relegation to a children's genre and the former of which, as evidenced by such works as the 'closed series' television program Babylon Five, derives from the very fantasy, mythology, and history out of which The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings sprung.
What do you get when you combine two men, four hobbits, an elf, a dwarf and a wizard?
Take, for example, a fine little dialog between Gandalf the white wizard and Pippin, a terrified hobbit who finds himself in the middle of an apparently hopeless battle for a city about to fall to Sauron's forces.
To be sure, the forces of Saruman and Sauron are ultimately defeated by the unified efforts of "the four, the free peoples"-elves, dwarves, Ents (giant, peripatetic, talking trees), and men, to which we must add the fifth free people, the hobbits of the Shire.
THE STRUGGLE FOR POWER IS AT THE heart of both the Potter and Hobbit tales, and the villains in each story covet the sort of power that Satan offered Christ in the temptations in the desert, the power of dominion and control.
Galdriel (Cate Blanchett), fair elfin queen, again materializes to inspire and recommission the young hobbit.
Mark Shapiro and son Adam, aged nine, came all the way from Statford-upon-Avon to see The Hobbit conclude.
It was very weird because for a long a time no-one really recognised me from my films, but The Hobbit has totally changed that and I've had some really special moments, especially with youngsters," Lu" told Collider.
Dwarves, dragons or wizards, nothing is too ambitious for Denise, 50, who has knitted dozens of amazingly figures from The Hobbit film trilogy.
CaiFerguson Anchorman you''''ve done it again @murrayjenkins The Hobbit was just boring.
They agreed to be paid only for the first motion picture based on 'The Hobbit.
Among the scientific debates about the hobbit is one over what they looked like.
But the main theme of the day was a journey to Middle Earth to enjoy the non-stop reading of The Hobbit.