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Synonyms for hob

(folklore) a small grotesque supernatural creature that makes trouble for human beings

(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

a hard steel edge tool used to cut gears

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a shelf beside an open fire where something can be kept warm

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cut with a hob

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HOB is a German-engineered company comprising of competencies in server-based computing, secure remote access, VoIP and virtualisation.
Fi Hob Misr", which translates into " For the Love of Egypt ", is headed by Sameh Seif El-Yazal, who, contrary to the party's claims, told CBC Channel Monday night that Kortam wanted more seats for his party, but that "it was not possible, which resulted in him leaving the coalition, but on good terms".
HOB RD VPN is a comprehensive solution that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of all enterprises in today's virtual, mobile and cloud-based environments.
Mr Bell added: "The only advice we can give is never to leave anything close or on a hob.
With HOB X11Gate, Linux and Unix servers can be accessed from any RDP-client running on any operating system.
The dog has jumped up and knocked the switches on and caused the hob to flame.
Apply soda paste with a clean cotton cloth to the hob, and start scrubbing tough stains off the hob in a circular motion.
In a literature review on positioning for diverse patient populations, Sullivan (2000) suggests that caution should be used with side-lying positions and HOB elevation no greater than 45[degrees] should be used for TBI patients.
Summary: The famous Lebanese artist Nicole Saba just finished recording two new songs for the Lebanese drama series "Al Hob Mamnou'" (Love is Forbidden), in which she plays the leading role
SOUTH Wales chefs have dismissed claims that they risk "industrial carcinogenic disease" from frying meat on a gas hob.
FRYING meat on a gas hob is less healthy than cooking with electricity, say researchers.
HOB Inc, a fully owned subsidiary of software development and network service provider HOB GmbH & Co KG, announced on Tuesday (21 April) at the RSA Conference 2009 a new solution for accessing virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).
In effect, these rotors are handled as long gears, but the low number of lobes or teeth creates unique challenges for the hob tooling and machine tool.
Marketing of the Super Dry III hob also will begin on October 30.