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crested ill-smelling South American bird whose young have claws on the first and second digits of the wings

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The horned screamer (Anhima cornuta), a fat black bird with a loud, trumpetlike cry, nests on the banks, together with the noisy hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin).
Indeed, some changes are shared with the hoatzin, the only known avian foregut fermenter.
Today, only one bird--the young hoatzin (ho-AHT-zin)--has claws on its wings for more than a few days (above).
The hoatzin (pronunced hoh-AT-sin) is one confused critter: Scientists recently discovered that this South American bird eats green leaves and buds--just like a cow
The finding shows that 220 years of research on the hoatzin was no wild-goose chase.
The best hope, archaeopteryx, was just a bird with teeth, like today's quetzal or hoatzin in South America.
Perched upon a low-hanging branch, a hoatzin bird rears up on its hind legs and flaps its brown and yellow wings, screeching and hissing.
At least one bird seems to view plants as a natural medicine cabinet, says Rodriguez, who recently began studying an avian oddity known as the hoatzin (SN: 10/21/89, p.
The same can be said of birds with teeth, such as the quetzal and hoatzin of South America and their cousin, the archeopteryx.
Strahl ventured into the forests of central Venezuela eight years ago to study an avian oddity known as the hoatzin (pronounced WAT-sin or wat-SEEN), he followed in the footsteps of only a handful of naturalists from the 1910s and '20s.
Woodpeckers, hoatzins, parrots and monkeys appear utterly unperturbed by our slowly drifting presence, nor by the sudden violent downpour that instigates a clattering of lens caps as we retreat under some plastic sheeting, silently watching as the force of the rain turns the water milky.
bandores banjoist Brahmins broadens confuted habitude halutzim hedonist hoatzins hordeins joinders pibrochs spheroid
Narrow channels are filled with the sounds of a crowd of whistling sun bitterns and ducks and of hoatzins, a partridge-like bird, sheltered in overhanging branches, while darting spectacled caymans and shad splash ahead of the penero.