hoary marmot

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large North American mountain marmot

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If, however, a male hoary marmot lives in a more isolated place, such as an upland meadow, with one or two adult females, he no longer spends time searching for EPCs with errant females.
Denali is home to grizzly bears, Dall sheep, wolves, moose and caribou, and smaller animals, such as snowshoe hare, hoary marmot, pika, and arctic ground squirrel.
At the same time, hotter temperatures are forcing mountain goats, hoary marmots, and other high-altitude species farther up mountain peaks with little ground left to go.
Black bears, brown bears, caribou, hoary marmots, and brown lemmings died within or were dragged into On Your Knees Cave in the millennia preceding the last glacial maximum.
Collared pikas, hoary marmots (Marmota caligata), and arctic ground squirrels (Spermophilus parryii) are the dominant herbivores in the valley and have been studied there since 1995 (Hik et al.