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Synonyms for hoariness

a silvery-white color


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great age (especially grey or white with age)

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There's an overdose of miming here, which keeps the production from completely shedding the hoariness of "Our Town.
Even the hoariness of tradition persists in the decrepitude of rotting trailers at the site.
Then there came down to the thither bank a woman of no appearance (I believe she was a Black with chills at her feet) and she gathered up his hoariness the Mookse motamourfully where he was spread and carried him away to her invisible dwelling, thats nights, Aquila Rapax, for he was the holy sacred solem and poshup spit of her hoshop's apron.
Although McCanlies' deft sense of comic timing doesn't always disguise the hoariness of the gags, and his failure to flesh out the story's darker aspects flattens pie's dramatic arc, "Lions" still should fare respectably well after its Sept.