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Synonyms for ho-hum

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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It's becoming a way of life and very ho-hum for our politicians because people think the politicians are going to do something positive with the money they get from us.
Because of a ho-hum editing job and no vertical ramp skateboarding, I'm giving this film three out of four stars.
And, while the introduction of the claims may be a notable innovation, the prose with which they are conveyed is rather ho-hum.
They stocked two plates with both ho-hum fish-food flakes and delectable prawns.
The researchers stocked two plates with both ho-hum fish-food flakes and delectable bits of prawn.
Although this is indeed historical, the writing ability of the author makes this read not a boring ho-hum historical account but a learning experience of pure reading pleasure.
Bleeding through this elegant, parsed-out cartoon are shots of the period magazines and newspaper clippings that served as Darger's source material--a tactic that successfully adds a rich, compensatory inner life to the artist's rather static, ho-hum, day-to-day existence and makes a solid case for Darger's work as an enterprise as complexly connected to popular culture as any present-day Yale MFA's.
While starting salaries for accounting and finance professionals are expected to go up by a ho-hum average of 2.
I was ho-hum on the first volume, but this one went a long way in explaining questions I had.
The addition of seasoned breadings can add color and flavor to otherwise ho-hum cuts of meat, making everyday fare something really special.
You'd never guess it from the ho-hum reportage of the Establishment press, but the recently concluded Summit of the Americas in Monterrey, Mexico, was a revolutionary event of major magnitude.
But some Best Bites are ho-hum, while others taste like they were just FedExed from the Old Country.
Sales of network equipment and local and long distance service--which in 1999 made up 75 percent of the then-$541 billion telecom market--will grow at a ho-hum 6 to 7 percent over the next three years.