hive off

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  • verb

Synonyms for hive off

sell (off)


Synonyms for hive off

remove from a group and make separate

withdraw (money) and move into a different location, often secretly and with dishonest intentions

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The plan to hive off BSNL tower business into a separate entity is in line with recommendation of the Sam Pitroda Committee for revamping business of the PSU, whose profit started declining from Rs.
The hive off is a part of the global realignment of Mylan's businesses.
THE man behind plans to hive off S4C''s budget to the BBC sparked a new row last night after an "embarrassing gaffe" about Wales.
One would think that someone of his political experience would have got that in writing, but there again, it serves this Labour Government's interests to hive off as much British manufacturing as possible to Europe.
Royal Bank of Scotland may hive off more than 300 of its branches in England and Wales in a bid to satisfy European authorities, according to reports.
Wirral West MP Stephen Hesford threatened to sacrifice his unpaid post as a ministerial aide by voting against the Bill to hive off up to 30% of the business to a foreign postal operator.
C CHIEFS today squashed proposals to hive off local radio stations to a new broadeasting authority and pledged continued backing for regional television.
That she suspected there were plans to privatise or hive off the Riverside Festival, which she believed was "part of the widespread corruption within the council"
EON's 27% stake in EWE and its 42% holding in VNG are among the assets it had been forced to agree to hive off before taking control of German gas company Ruhrgas.
However, Konica's offer to hive off its stake in Sekonic eliminates this problem.
One of its spokesmen pointed out that Suez had not published the list of companies it was planning to hive off in order to reduce its debt burden and improve profitability of its various activities within the framework of its action plan for 2003-2004.
P&G is to hive off its Jif peanut butter and Crisco cooking oil brands to Ohio based jam maker Smucker to form a company specialising in `all American comfort food'.
When the two divisions of Littlewoods were created a year ago, the main board denied that the intention was to hive off the pools sector, but continued pressure on football pools, allied to potential growth from online business, prompted a rethink.
Now his absence from the constituency and Gov-ernment role in driving through a hated plan to hive off council houses has chilled relations further.
For him, it was not self-interest that caused potential witnesses to hive off in silence after le sieur Mahot, in the Vieux Marche at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, raised a meat cleaver against his screaming wife; they were acting out of family honor.