hit the dirt

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fall or drop suddenly, usually to evade some danger


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However, building permits rose at a slower rate, only 3%, which means actual shovels may be slow to hit the dirt.
Adventurer Karl Steadman, 15, from Jar-row, says he can't wait to hit the dirt tracks.
In the fourth inning, the Dodgers might have been robbed of a run - maybe even a big inning - when the home-plate umpire ruled that a ball hit the dirt, and not the foot of Matt Kemp, with the bases loaded.
Now the Under-20 squad intend to make sure their tournament hopes don't hit the dirt when they face Japan in Victoria on Sunday.
I was short and fast, I could hit the dirt, dig myself into dirt, my
The interloper, wisely choosing the first option, lowered his gun and hit the dirt while his accomplice, crawling on his belly, re-emerged from the woods and also surrendered.
Although scientists are eager for Opportunity to drive off its landing pad and hit the dirt, engineers early this week were proceeding cautiously.
Our focus there will be identifying operating entities capable of managing concession targets, building out financial projections and budgeting the start-up process so that shovels can hit the dirt as soon as possible.
Bellego hit the dirt when making a blast for the lead on the thirds bend of heat 11, which was re-run without him, but was won by Doolan in a 3-3 result.
We saw plenty of potential record book entries hit the dirt during the 2012 season, including a few that will challenge their state crowns.
Mackenzie said: "We will have to hit the dirt running to compete against Manchester United - but we're up for it.
The hapless motorist hit the dirt and was left hanging over a wall after a bizarre attempt to steer the vehicle out of a bay.
Guerrero made it three consecutive hits, but not until after he hit the dirt.
Army servicemen and women from Iraq to American soil at Fort Stewart & Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia, will be all the sweeter when they hit the dirt on their newly refurbished sports field, thanks to sister Army Post Fort Benning, Georgia, and Wisk Laundry Detergent.
Worrall hit the dirt in heat 10, with the referee again calling all four to make the restart, with Davies jetting away to lead, but he was soon passed by Rosen.