hit the deck

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fall or drop suddenly, usually to evade some danger


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There are three all-star, widescreen musicals from the 1950s: Hit The Deck, Kismet, and Deep in My Heart, two 2-disc double feature sets honoring the tap dancing queen Eleanor Powell: Broadway Melody of 1936/ Broadway Melody of 1938 and Born to Dance/Lady Be Good, along with two films starring Jane Powell: Nancy Goes To Rio and Two Weeks With Love.
Gaco hit the deck with 1:35 remaining in the game after he collided with Falcons big man Papi Sarr.
Jakob Fuglsang - fifth overall - hit the deck along with team-mate Dario Cataldo.
2) all hit the deck when apparently in control on a tough day for in-running backers at the Welsh course.
Skipper Gary Havelock (nine points) was the only visiting rider not to hit the deck and was the only Bears rider to finish on a score that reflected his capabilities.
Volunteers hit the deck to help a South Wales charity.
15pm but needed a helping hand when she hit the deck outside Boujis at 1.
Maybe van Nistelrooy (left) is willing to hit the deck quicker than a blown-up chimney stack but he hits the back of the net even more - and that's what infuriates those attempting to outdo him.
The Team Sky rider hit the deck just before the first categorised climb on the 169km route from Alhendin to Alcaudete.
Flood hit the deck and a mini melee ensued as players from both sides got involved and traded insults.
But the showdown between the three women with qualifying standards - England, Olympic finalist Laura Weightman and 2009 world silver medallist Lisa Dobriskey - never materialised as the latter pair both hit the deck in a controversial race that left challenger Charlene Thomas fuming.
He then hit the deck after a slap from Gervinho that saw the Gunner sent off (right) for violent conduct on his Premier League debut.