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Synonyms for histrionic

Synonyms for histrionic

suggesting drama or a stage performance, as in emotionality or suspense

Synonyms for histrionic

characteristic of acting or a stage performance


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As is noted in this study, some characteristics of depressive disorder and histrionic personality disorder are most evident when patients are faced with spousal violence.
An easy way to get it is to flaunt their bodies or other aspects of themselves in a histrionic way," explains Dr Sharma.
On the other hand, the decision to eliminate the three extant personality disorders from the DSM-5 would effectively cleave those syndromes out of future psychiatric research and practice, and would cut off; access to the clinical wisdom accumulated over decades of work with the chronic dramatization of the histrionic patient, the inscrutable withdrawal of the schizoid patient, and the neediness of the dependent patient.
Casey Anthony has a lot of the features of both a pathologically narcissistic person and histrionic personality.
That something was Faulty Towers The Dining Experience, a madcap recreation of a night at the seaside hotel presided over by the histrionic Basil, bossy Sybil and hapless waiter 'from Barcelona, you know'.
Equally, the flamboyance and theatricality of histrionic types may make them excellent public speakers or 'creatives'.
His novel, about a son's Oedipal relationship with his histrionic mother from whom he tries to escape, is set in Communist Hungary, from which virtually no one escapes; it manages to be both dark and very funny.
In contrast, Penn's histrionic act sets your gaydar clanging like the meltdown siren at a nuclear power plant.
That said, his recent article, "Buckle Up: The Recession is officially here" (Jan 16-29 NHBR) is a bit histrionic especially the claim that, "with so much doom and gloom, no one is signing new real estate leases except very reluctantly or for the shortest terms possible.
Natalie, who has histrionic personality disorder, was initially traced to the Harlesden area of London and from there officers have traced her to a commune near Yeovil.
They are all rough-hewn and histrionic, pared-down and fast-paced.
Types of PDIs covered including passive-aggressive "blamers", the histrionic personality disorders characterized by emotional and erratic personalities, the smooth-talking anti-social con men and sociopaths, the unstable borderline personality disorders, and the egotistical narcissistic personality disorders.
Pearce presents us with exotic and political details aplenty and a dizzying array of eccentric characters, such as the stiff-upper-lipped "old boys" of the Embassy, a histrionic Turkish female impersonator, and Lady Cunningham, the deceased's wildly over-the-top elderly aunt.
As do the actresses appearing in the histrionic telenovelas Betty watches, including, in tonight's episode, series executive producer Salma Hayek.
In the end, she suggests, the function of the anxiety of obsolescence is the "release of the white male author from responsibility through an at times histrionic concern for his own imminent demise, a conversion of the forms and gestures of oppressed cultures to his own project of maintaining his cultural (and social) centrality.