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Synonyms for histrionic

Synonyms for histrionic

suggesting drama or a stage performance, as in emotionality or suspense

Synonyms for histrionic

characteristic of acting or a stage performance


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Natalie Bracht, 34, pictured, who went missing with her five young daughters from their home in Sunderland on May 17, was diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder.
Arriving on stage dressed in funeral director attire and black armbands in honour of assassinated British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval, i LiKE TRAiNS began its mournful outlook with The Beeching Report - a widescreen piece of histrionic rock that built to a shuddering crescendo.
Still, the show almost lost me in its opening seconds, with host Laird Macintosh's grimly histrionic narration: ``It's out there -- somewhere -- a treasure that will change the lives of those who find it forever.
No histrionic Judy or Babs lip-sychs here; the participants work strenuously to cook up production number that are edgy, raunchy and frequency hilarious.
In the title role, mezzo-soprano Stephanie Novacek virtually tore up the stage with her vocal and histrionic fury, opposite the Jason of Cyril Auvity, a real haute contre (high tenor) with a fine sense of style, as well as Nathalie Paulin, a slightly soft-voiced Creuse, and Alain Coulombe, a slightly loud-voiced Creon.
In addition, the stories are read by the author and the voices he uses for his characters can come across as grating and histrionic when listened to in succession, while working well within the setting of a single story.
Paranoid, histrionic, and obsessivecompulsive disorders also were common, while the rarest disorders were sadistic, schizotypal, antisocial, and borderline, Dr.
What is the point of Urvashi Vaid's making deliberately histrionic remarks about Nazi cremation ovens and the president wearing a Klan hood [Last Word, June 5]?
However, as Odile she glowered balefully, an uninhibitedly histrionic approach.
Opener Mick Hart has it in bundles but hardly knows what to do with it, judging by a frenzied but fairly aimless performance full of histrionic vocals and thrashing guitars that provided little in the way of substance or satisfaction.
All this is done with no fuss: there are no histrionic ducts, or even big fluttering blinds.
After the killings, Riggi was diagnosed with narcissistic, paranoid and histrionic personality disorder.
Ms Bracht suffers from a histrionic personality disorder and officers are concerned for the welfare of her and the children.
Det Sgt Dave Willett said: "Natalie has a histrionic personality disorder.
Still, it's refreshing to watch something like this without the usual histrionic overacting.