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a lesson in the facts of history

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It's History's remake of "Roots," which is good enough to recall both the original's brilliance and to challenge the FX show's tough history lesson with an even more painful one.
It's likely that many kids learned more from Horrible Histories than from most history lessons at school.
Specially designed to interest young readers of elementary school age, "Willi Gets A History Lesson In Virginia's Historic Triangle" is a superbly illustrated introduction to the sights and features of three American colonial era communities that were typical of the times: Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown.
They gained a greater insight into their history lessons and they know, at first hand, the suffering those brave soldiers experienced during the war that was supposed to end all wars.
North East bakers Greggs has been giving history lessons to pupils by baking a special Battle of Trafalgar treats.
For 12 months, we're going to give you a history lesson on black entrepreneurs and professionals who built lasting wealth and, collectively, encouraged millions to do the same through their example, their mentorship and, in some cases, their largesse.
Although that ambition is moving only as quickly as budgets and grants will allow, Phillips points to those student tears in the history lesson as the reason they'll keep buying equipment and promoting its use through staff demos and training sessions.
PUPILS had a hands-on history lesson when museum staff unlocked some of the exhibits from their glass cases and brought them into school.
1992: Children from Cherryfield Primary School in Rockford Avenue, Southdene, Kirkby, were given a living history lesson when they stepped back in time for a lesson in historic evacuation procedures.
An excellent study in character--and not a bad history lesson.
Maybe another, more modem history lesson will send a message to the DVD factions [ldots] a lesson from outside the storage industry.
History Lesson From The Not-So-Distant Past: "Wal-Mart will never be able to sell food.
If you want to use it as a history lesson to tell what happened five years ago, I would much prefer talking about it without pictures.
Give them an American history lesson, says a new group of gay and lesbian activists, who plastered the state capital, Boise, with 170 stickers that read HETEROSEXUALS ONLY.