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a lesson in the facts of history

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Without hesitation the grey-haired, unflappable star said: "I think it's part detective story, part history lesson and part game show.
The scheme gives the children a chance to experience hands-on learning and is a social history lesson as it gives them an opportunity to understand the politics of a particular time through asking questions.
It is still a buyers' market out there, and the companies who will be around for the long haul are those that implement a sound strategy that takes into account this recent history lesson.
Middlesbrough councillor John McPartland was also on hand for the history lesson.
A year or even six months ago, this play would have served as a valuable history lesson.
PUPILS at a Coventry school got a living history lesson when their headmistress dressed up as Queen Elizabeth I to greet a character from the city's past.
It's a fact, for example, that not only can you use a dollar bill for its buying power, but as an American history lesson as well.
In a nutshell: Serviceably entertaining, with something of a history lesson sneaked in.
This book is a highly entertaining romp around the world that is part travelogue, part history lesson, with a healthy dose of appreciation of various cultures.
And for readers too young to remember blue lights, the Supremes or Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, pick up the book anyway--you're in store for a serious history lesson on black life during a more innocent time.
Regardless of whether we want an entertaining read or a provocative history lesson, what lingers in our minds is the novel's final, startling twist, which slowly dismantles its satire and casts a long shadow over everything that has come before.
PUPILS from a primary school in Princethorpe stepped back into the mists of time during a medieval history lesson yesterday.
Part memoir and part history lesson, Patrolling Cyberspace chronicles Schmidt's law enforcement and corporate careers in information security, from nailing drug dealers by finding hidden files to helping establish industry standards to help keep networks safe from Internet interlopers.
And Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert) bests her fog of alcoholism just long enough to provide a history lesson on her time with George Custer for Martha Bullock's (Anna Gunn) schoolchildren.
While the novel is a fascinating history lesson, it is also a story of love--old and young, romantic and maternal--and a story of love of country as well.