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a body of historical literature

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the writing of history

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The council fathers failed in their attempt to change the direction of Catholicism's organizational model because of the opposition (now historiographically well-documented) of the advocates of the status quo;
1) To be able to form a historiographically reasonable judgment concerning the conquest of other regions of America, one has to take into account many aspects that are often left aside by the works that are given both to our Spanish-American children for their history courses and to children living in other regions of the world.
Historiographically, scholars have debated the extent to which individualism was a conservative or liberal movement.
Not only is the Reformation historiographically significant and distinct, it is also best understood as a single coherent movement.
Moreover, a narrative account is in order, since this is fairly new territory, historiographically speaking.
While Zanzotto's "ipersonetto" can be credited historiographically as the terminus post quem, since the return to using fixed schemes in Italy dates more or less to the end of the 70s, Frixione's "sonetto" is, on the other hand, an arbitrary chronological signpost; since 2001, various Italian poets have continued to employ the fixed schemes of the lyric tradition.
The lesson Vollmann's parable of Paulus teaches is the fact that totalitarian dictators neither care for traditions nor respect them, and that the German military elite has to be held historiographically accountable for their failure to act on behalf of their innocent victims and their own soldiers.
The recording of the phenomenon of modernity when it appeared and became established in Serbian society and culture during the first half of the 20th century was thoroughly systematized historiographically during the second half of the century.
Jenny Keating's historiographically sophisticated, deeply researched monograph on the history of adoption in England from 1918 no 1945 is a significant and welcome event.
Historiographically, Maul's work comes at an important time as well.
s work is on the whole both historiographically ambitious and successful in realizing its ambitions.
Third, and more to the point historiographically, Chrysostom tells us that the Priest Zacharias, being of the family of Abia (Lk ch.
historiographically valuable task, which is to detail exactly how the neoconservatives moved into a position to realize their purposes and, moreover, how closely their purposes dovetail with the foreign-policy aims put forth by the Israeli right since the 1980s and even earlier.
A fair trial, where defendants may reframe issues and cast doubt upon the reliability of witnesses, is apt to be less historiographically or pedagogically effective than a show trial.
A second layer of context discovery is that of 'agenda setting' where readers encounter historically and historiographically important previously-published materials selected for inclusion on the basis of their sustained scholarly influence, sometimes controversial, in relation to the topic.