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a body of historical literature

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the writing of history

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Norbu does not only undermine Chinese authority, but also his own as a reliable narrator, becoming yet another semi-fictional character in the historiographically metafictive universe that is The Mandala.
As a whole, the book is based on impressive levels of primary research, is relentlessly analytical, rich in insight and historiographically engaged.
While this might seem to risk teleology, among other things, the content of chapters is more temporally and historiographically nuanced.
The arguments presented are theoretically and historiographically sound and are produced from a prodigious body of both primary and secondary source materials.
Martinez-Fernandez uses the opposing models of the frontier and the plantation as two contradictory settings that explain Cuban society and that have been historiographically employed since the late nineteenth century; one emphasizes freedom and democratic tendencies and the other is grounded in hierarchy and exploitation.
The aim is to elicit a thoughtful, historiographically saturated piece of work, even in single-work book reviews.
14) Murray's work authorizes Daly's vision of witches--and of feminist Hags--as nonsupernatural, benevolent, oppressed, and historiographically misrepresented.
Historiographically and theoretically, The Memory Factory is as ambitious and complex as the book's richly documented endnotes.
Historiographically speaking, it is certainly worthwhile to step back periodically and examine how immutable those seemingly immutable Cold War realities really were.
Our understanding of eighteenth-century Cuba is similarly limited, at least in comparison with more historiographically crowded fields, such as the history of eighteenth century Western Europe.
Allowing settlers to glimpse what may in fact lie behind the palisades, and raising one of the most threatening spectres imaginable for a settler nation, the History offers the basis for an interpretation of the northern conflict which is unlikely ever to be permitted to become historiographically dominant since it subverts the possibility that any foundational myth of settlement might be fashioned from an episode of this kind.
Here, however, the relatively unfixed nature of the term Land art sharpens our sense of this work's complex development, illustrating that, historiographically, it has always been a slippery yet productive category.
The council fathers failed in their attempt to change the direction of Catholicism's organizational model because of the opposition (now historiographically well-documented) of the advocates of the status quo;
For this purpose, we have selected the work that, historiographically, has best withstood the passage of time: La cantada vida y muerte del General Malbru, by Jacinto Valledor.
The book will likely appeal to a wide variety of readers with interests in health, feminism, reproduction, and body politics and offers a provocative collection of historically engaging and historiographically rich articles.