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a body of historical literature

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the writing of history

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Indeed, Neujahr goes on to say that the merger of mantic and historiographic material shared by the Akkadian texts and Judean texts like Daniel and 1 Enoch arises out of a similar sociological setting, namely native populations challenging outside oppressors (p.
It is this use of actual rather than fictional characters as middlemen that makes The Kindly Ones into a piece of historiographic metafiction.
Since much of the historiographic focus on women's rule to date has been devoted to Isabel of Castile (r.
It presents the author's personal viewpoint on a number of historiographic and interpretative issues that have been debated by historians of mathematics over the last generation or so.
In the latter, rather than excavating unexplored primary sources or offering new readings of known sources, Molineaux sets forth the historiographic trappings encasing the issues.
All of the authors include historical perspectives in their essays, but Judith Vander's essay is an historiographic investigation of Ghost Dance music, comparing Paiute and Lakota Ghost Dance songs with Shoshone naraya (Ghost Dance) songs and concludes that there are two distinct styles of Ghost Dance.
In Linda Hutcheon's formulation of postmodernism as historiographic metafiction, this synthesis includes a post-Occidental modernist return to a quasi-realistic representation of history, past or present, treated ironically as history-fiction, but also expressed in a well-told story realistic enough, and mimetic enough, to be a popular, pleasant, escape-into-the-identity-of-others read.
As a result of his unique employment of mythology and Romantic hero-worship, Thoreau emerges as an innovative contributor to the historiographic debate of his time.
Andrew Hadfield's Shakespeare and Republicanism and Oliver Arnold's The Third Citizen present two excellent political approaches to Shakespeare and his intellectual milieu, which taken together shed light on the methodological and epistemological affinities as well as important conceptual distinctions between recent literary and historiographic work in the field of early modern English scholarship.
Far more than an authoritative monograph, Myers's volume reproduces for the first time the complete set of Oviedo's nearly eighty field drawings that formed part of his original manuscripts and includes Nina Scott's first-ever English translation of six excerpts from the History, which offer readers samples of the wide range of historiographic material in Oviedo's work that Myers's analysis covers.
is a book of historiographic metafiction filled mainly with examples of the prevalent prejudice of that century and followed closely by injustice, greed and violence.
Greg O'Brien's collection on the pre-removal history of the Choctaw peoples highlights some of the best ethnohistorical work of the last twenty years, his final product weaving together historiographic, historical, anthropological, and traditional Native approaches to the subject.
He argues that "the most innovative approaches to thinking and representing historiographic temporality in cinema are coming out of such aesthetically based cinematic practices" (xvii).
There, in the prologue's purpose clause, the inference of continuity between the kerygma (katechethes) and the historiographic venture at hand is as clear as day.
The chapter 'Modernity, Modernism and Time' demonstrates modernism's historiographic roots and its break with concepts of social teleology, producing an 'art as expressing a time-bound consciousness' (p.