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a person who is an authority on history and who studies it and writes about it

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As royal historiographer of Castile and of the Indies, Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas (1549-1625) recalled that around 1596 it was no longer worth it for a historian to describe the battles and the great deeds of kings or nobles (Pasamar 29).
Such a concept would have been alien to most Tudor-Stuart historiographers.
1513), and Edward Hall's The Union of the Two Noble and Illustre Famelies of Lancastre & Yorke (1548 and 1550), historiographers committed to dynastic politics that afforded women of royal blood important political agency envision key female subjects as model agents and readers of history who inform the authors' own analyses of national events.
He traces the idea of sexual promiscuity to Johannes Annius of Viterbo, historiographer of the notorious Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI).
The lack of evidence for editorial work in the DH means for Lemche that the historiographer responsible for the DH did not inherit his work and edit it but rather invented his narrative history of Israel (pp.
Corman's streamlined approach to tracing reputations that accrue over time and opinions that coalesce in the mid-twentieth century in the works of Alan Dugald McKillop and Ian Watt does not stop the rest of us from pursuing other parallel or divergent trajectories stemming from the information presented in this study and analyzed or theorized according to our interests: for instance, if Reeve was so successful--at least in retrospect--as a writer of Gothic fiction and as a historiographer, why was she not as versatile, say, as Elizabeth Inchbald and dabble in writing for, the stage?
He brings to the presidency a record of academic accomplishment as a humanist and an international leader in the study of the ancient near east, and in particular the field of Egyptology, in which he is a noted historiographer, epigrapher and philologist.
Like his fellow historiographer here, John Tosh, he nails his colours firmly to the mast: 'Past and present dialogues are not an optional extra but a vital component of individual self-awareness and collective well-being.
Dorman is an international leader in the study of the ancient Near East, and in particular the field of Egyptology, in which he is a noted historiographer, epigrapher and philologist.
The author was the Copenhagen pastor, professor, and (from 1602) royal historiographer Jon Jakobsen (before 1559-1608), who called himself Venusin(us) after his birthplace, Ven itself, and in playfully learned allusion to the Roman poet Horace, who was born at Venusia (now Venosa) in Apulia.
The Jesuit Juan de Mariana (1536-1624) is remembered as the most prominent Catholic monarchomach and a leading historiographer of late sixteenth-century Spain.
Perhaps the crowning achievement of hippie-era dykesploitation films, resurrected from the archival vaults and restored to its vibrant, earthy '70s look, this once "lost" lesbian flick from 1975 is now found on DVD as part of Wolfe's new vintage collection and is sure to satisfy the queer-film historiographer in us all.
Victoria Emma Pagan has written a monograph that zeroes in on one locus of such contestation that is highly fraught with interpretive challenges for both the historiographer and his readers: the narrative of events surrounding a conspiracy, a phenomenon that by its very nature inhabits an epistemological gap.
There are two exceptions in one of which, by Francois-Bernard Lepicie, Venus chastises Cupid the mischief-maker across her knee, although lightly with a bunch of roses: a jeu d' esprit by Lepicie, well-known both for his masterly engravings and for his offices as Lecturer at the Academie Royale and Historiographer of the French Royal Collection.
Dickerson, professor of history at Vanderbilt University and the AME historiographer, says Blacks need more colleges and universities, not fewer.