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a theory that social and cultural events are determined by history

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It is to such a conclusion that Bambach responds in a way similar to his response to Windelband: "[Rickert] `overcame' the ethical dangers of historicism by turning to an epistemology of historical research which was itself grounded in logic and which knew no historical time" (p.
The unifying principle in the first part is the five points that characterize New Historicism for Veeser, whereas the second part presents "some fractures and futures of the New Historicism.
As its title indicates, Romantic Returns begins with a temporal act which undoes the authority of temporal determination, reopening a series of unresolved theoretical questions that historicism attempted to historicize away.
Three other sections organize the collection: part 1: "Recovering Women's Writing: Historicism vs.
Chapter 1, "From the Logic of History to the Historicity of Reason," deals with three nonradical forms of historicism: Karl Popper's "demonization" of history, the "classical" historicism of Friedrich Meinecke and Ernst Troeltsch, and the sociology of knowledge of Karl Mannheim.
The book's polemic against historicism (in the introduction and a short conclusion) involves two basic arguments.
From pilgrimage to history; the renaissance and global historicism.
And yet, underlying the new architectural experimentation is a serious attempt to reconstrue the foundations of the discipline, not so much in singular terms, but in broader concepts that acknowledge an expanded field, while seeking to overcome the problematic dualisms that have plagued architecture for over a century: form and function, historicism and abstraction, utopia and reality, structure and enclosure.
The variety of critical perspectives that these essays offer (poststructuralism, new historicism, feminism, and cultural studies) enables McDowell to resist situating herself within a particular theoretical perspective.
New historicism and cultural materialism in particular have striven to do justice both to the strangeness and remoteness of the texts they address and to their own entrenchment in the late-twentieth-century assumptions that govern their aims and methods.
Gayle Margherita means to provide a forum 'wherein feminism, psychoanalysis, and historicism might productively intersect' (p.
00 - The thesis put forward by Luc Ferry in this book is the following: "If Heidegger's deconstruction of metaphysies and Strauss's critique of historicism are incontrovertible, and if, despite everything, we refuse to conclude that a ~return to the ancients' is in order .
The introduction may be saying that Spenser scholars now eschew new historicism for "a more genuine historical practice"; however, a footnote cautions that even "this formulation is probably too absolute" (16).
Following are sections on classicism in France and Britain, neoclassicism and the Enlightenment, theories of the picturesque and sublime, historicism during the 19th century, the gothic revival (in Britain, Germany, and France), American theory, and historicism in the industrial age (British styles, rationalism, eclecticism, and realism in France, and tectonics and German style).
Back then there were no design review boards to enforce a sterile historicism, as is common today.
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