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While the chapters on Julius Nyerere's uses of ujamaa (Strath) and on decolonization (Fraiture) can contend with policy and philosophical texts, others draw on historical linguistics and diachronic semantics to explore the concepts of 'wealth' and 'poverty' in Uganda (Stephens) and the concepts of 'work' among Nguni-speakers in Southern Africa (Fleisch), and on cognitive linguistics to discuss the domain of 'marriage' in Afrikaans (Pienaar).
It is not unlikely that the co-existence of Latin and the vernaculars in other settings produced similar patterns and an investigation into the degree of their pervasiveness would be a worthwhile task for historical linguistics in the future.
He sees a number of lineal descendants of philology: historical linguistics, literary history, history as "historical science," Biblical philology, "classics as a discipline," art history, anthropology, and religious studies.
Modern linguistics have contributed significantly to it and historical linguistics are trying to reconstruct the parent language of a family and compare careers and developments of daughter languages, he added.
The other narrative strand, the role of MIT linguist Ken Hale in Baird's life as her academic mentor and chief supporter, brings to light the place of comparative and historical linguistics in local indigenous language efforts.
The majority view in historical linguistics is that the homeland of Indo-European is located in the Pontic steppes (present day Ukraine) around 6,000 years ago.
His dissertation was an analysis of Benuaq Dayak autochthonous religion using methods from ethnolinguistics, cognitive anthropology, and historical linguistics and is based on ethnographic data collected during fieldwork in East Kalimantan, 2004-2008.
This is the historical linguistics use of the asterisk and makes sense here in that it represents reconstructed forms.
The next set of articles is devoted to historical linguistics.
History of Englishes: New Methods and Interpretations in Historical Linguistics.
The findings mean existing models of human colonisation, ecological change and historical linguistics for the region now require substantial revision.
The author's research not only makes contributions to two fields that are often treated as independent of one another, but it also develops an extraordinary blend of multiple sources, most notably oral interviews and historical linguistics, which provide opportunities to talk about cultures of inheritance, borrowing, and innovations among the Baga and Nalu, thereby connecting them with the processes of cultural change in the African diaspora.
Building upon previously neglected sources, like the records of the French White Fathers mission, and historical linguistics, the articles in this new volume attempt to shed new light upon the institution of slavery and the slave trade in the Great Lakes region.
La Penna concludes her essay by lamenting the paucity, in Italy, of innovative studies dedicated to translation theory, which she ascribes to the "strong traditions of historical linguistics and stylistics" (21) and to the long-lasting influence of Benedetto Croce, who regarded translation as mere approximation.
Concerning the former claim, many studies in historical linguistics to date have only investigated phenomena in a single language or a very small number of related languages.
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