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2011), that historical linguistics do not support an early dispersal of Chamorro speakers from the northern Philippines, as opposed to dispersal from other areas in ISEA where MP was spoken.
Using historical linguistics in an analysis of Great Lakes proto Bantu, Schoenbrun shows that around the 18th century new words for slave emerged along with new meanings for servile status attached to older words which previously did not have the same direct association with the "commercialized marginality" of the 19th century (p.
Section 2 sketches a typology of the 65 languages (from 33 "families") examined by the authors, Section 3 is about historical linguistics, Section 4 about contacts, Section 5 is a conclusion.
Maybe this field is more susceptible to such assaults since the ability of historical linguistics to interact with the "useful" branches of linguistics (like TSL, language acquisition, etc.
candidate in Indo-European Studies at UCLA, Scarcliff specialized in historical linguistics and comparative mythology working with a wide range of languages.
The vignettes are compact and composed with welcome attention to readability, often a gross obstacle in historical linguistics.
The origins of early Lapita culture: the testimony of historical linguistics, in S.
1997, Historical Linguistics and Language Change, Cambridge (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 81).
Since that day historical linguistics in its classical, philological form has been ever on the defense (cf.
To take one example, the opening sentence of the chapter on the comparative method in Campbell's (1998:108) historical linguistics textbook states: `The comparative method is central to historical linguistics, the most important of the various methods and techniques we use to recover linguistic pre-history'.
In 1947, it would have made an important contribution to contemporary debate, but Romance historical linguistics is a fast-moving field.
The following essay, Emilia Ferreiro's "I confini del discorso: la punteggiatura," is of great interest to all scholars of historical linguistics, as it draws a detailed history of punctuation, beginning as early as the sixth century and ending with a comparative study of how Italian and Spanish children solve the problems of punctuation.
The 22 selected papers look at language teaching, historical linguistics, media and political discourse, grammar and phraseology, computational tools, and translation studies.
Through study of context, etymology, structure, and historical linguistics, examined in relation to textile technologies and what is called a "chaine operatoire" (advanced with reference to textiles at an earlier conference), this volume represents collaborative efforts to develop terminologies that relate to materials, production processes, products, and their functions, in a single given area of human activity, in this case, textiles.
Today Quecbua is the most widely spoken language family in the Central Andes, and it is true that historical linguistics establishes beyond doubt that it is the product of an ancient expansion which took place long before the Incas with whom it is popularly associated (see for instance Heggarty 2007).
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