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Investigators found poor agreement between cytologic and histologic findings and a sensitivity of ductal lavage of only 13%-42%, depending on how a positive result was defined.
Analysis of the clinicopathologic data for 54 hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with orthotopic liver transplantation showed that histologic grade and tumor stage were independently significant predictors of survival.
The diagnosis of hairy leukoplakia can be made by histologic or cytologic examination of excisional biopsy tissue or exfoliated epithelial cells, respectively.
Colposcopic accuracy was calculated based on the agreement of the colposcopic impression with the histologic interpretation within one histologic grade.
Few studies have investigated the relationship of histologic subtype and Oncotype DX RS; among those that have, most pertain to lobular carcinoma.
8) However, several studies have found that macroscopic evaluation of the testicles in different psittacine birds is frequently unreliable, (9,10) which indicates that histologic evaluation of a testicular biopsy sample is required.
Only advanced age was predictive of severe histologic dysplasia or in situ melanoma vs.
On histologic examination, one must distinguish between tissue-inhabiting diptera larvae, infections with metacestodes, trematodes, tissue filariids, and gnathostomiasis.
trachomatis is the most important pathogen in the etiology of silent PID, the histologic features of chlamydia endometritis and the relationship between C.
A study comparing imaging and histologic findings from 257 uterine myomas identified large size and increased vascularity as the main characteristics that should increase suspicion of leiomyosarcoma, she said at the annual meeting of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists.
The centers will conduct a coordinated epidemiologic study of the determinants of puberty in girls and will support efforts to integrate scientific information on histologic, pathologic, cellular, and subcellular changes that occur in normal mammary gland tissue across a woman's life span and compare this to exposure-induced changes.
In some cases, this data has already been compiled and can be submitted imminently, while in other cases, reprocessing of brain tissue samples and specialized histologic staining has been requested by the Agency, which the Company estimates will take at least four weeks to complete.
1) The term microscopic description referred to "a description of the cytologic features and the architectural arrangement of the cells in a histologic section," whereas a "comment" referred to "all other pertinent information.