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a bar chart representing a frequency distribution

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The histogram of a digital image with gray levels in the range [0, L - 1] is a discrete function
The histogram of the residual has been proposed for choosing the regularization parameter in [22] to make the residuals as close as possible to white noise.
Although a histogram option is available in the Analysis Tools (Data Analysis) in Excel that provides a one-step method for generating a histogram, that option does not retain a link to the data that was used to generate it.
For example, a high take off of the WBC histogram can be caused by several elements, such as nucleated red blood cells (nRBCs), giant platelets, platelet clumps, and even intra-cellular parasites from RBCs that get released during the lysing process.
Then, the first modification, regarding histogram detection for the DOA feature, is described.
On-line mode--in this mode the current extracted histogram is sampled in the PC and transferred to the PLC through the developed communication software, using Multi Point Interface (MPI).
Edge histogram containing 5 types of edges(point, horizontal, vertical, 45[degrees] diagonal, 135[degrees] diagonal ) is extracted and compared with the edge feature data base.
Examples are Brightness preserving Bi-Histogram Equalization (BBHE) [1], Multi-peak Histogram Equalization (Multi-peak) [2], equal area Dualistic Sub-Image Histogram Equalization (DSIHE) [3], Minimum Mean Brightness Error Bi-Histogram Equalization (MMBEBHE) [4], Brightness Preserving Histogram Equalization with Maximum Entropy (BPHEME) [5], Brightness Preserving Dynamic Histogram Equalization (BPDHE) [6],
The sum is normalized by the histogram with fewest samples.
It is initially necessary to adjust the classes of sizes of the retained areas histogram with those of the retained volumes histogram.
The authors cover descriptive statistics (the histogram, average and standard deviation, normal approximation for data, measurement error and plotting points and lines), correlation and regression (including the RMS error for regression and the regression line), probability (chance, the binomial formula), chance variability (the law of averages, expected value and standard error, and normal approximation for probability histograms), sampling (errors, accuracy of percentages and case studies), chance models, including those used in genetics and tests of significance, including the chi-square test.
Then the Euclidean distance is computed, and finally a statistic histogram is constructed.