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amine formed from histidine that stimulates gastric secretions and dilates blood vessels

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When allergy tests are negative for IgE-mediated immune response, Maintz and colleagues suggest that histamine buildup be considered.
Several of these have already proceeded to clinical trials and new drugs targeting the histamine H4 receptor are also undergoing clinical trials.
Editor's Note : By suppressing the production of the stomach's acid, the drugs, which include proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and histamine 2 receptor blockers used by patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), reduce the amount of the vitamin that is absorbed.
4) also found inhibitory effects of ip injection of Lhistidine, a histamine precursor, on emotional memory using the same experimental protocol.
Factor that regard histidine change becomes histamine is time factor, temperature, type and a lot of it microflora bacteria that exists in body fishes out [21].
Histamine and other biogenic amines, derivative of amino acids, act as neurotransmitters, hormones, and modulators (Cheng et al.
Increased level of histamine plays an important role in various manifestations of those reactions (17,18).
Strain PA103 quickly killed the neutrophils, and no extra histamine was produced.
Histamine has a number of biological effects suggesting mediation through different receptors.
Whilst the control group showed significantly elevated histamine and nitric oxide levels, these were much lower in the treated animals.
The crucial point is that food containing high histamine levels will trigger symptoms in anyone eating it - not just those with an allergic tendency.
This suggested that injections of eosinophils might be used to combat histamine.
Reduction in Skin Reactions to Histamine After a Hypnotic Procedure.
These cells produce histamine, the chemical responsible for the symptoms of an allergy.
The third histamine receptor; selective ligands as potential therapeutic agents in CNS disorders.