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Synonyms for hissing

a fricative sound (especially as an expression of disapproval)

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Forth- with the hissing and humming ceased, and the black, dome- like object sank slowly out of sight into the pit.
Legree burned the hair, and burned the letter; and when he saw them hissing and crackling in the flame, inly shuddered as he thought of everlasting fires.
The swan seemed totally relaxed, wasn't hissing or anything and just started following the dogs down the path.
She was the blade acting making noises under the Shaun "She was waving the blade in the air, acting wildly, making hissing noises and clearly under the influence of something.
Having heard of others experiencing similar issues with previous iOS devices, Hackett said it is the first iPhone for which he has raised a concern relating to hissing.
19 -- Some Apple iPhone 7 users are reporting a hissing noise coming from their phones.
She stops hissing, the wound concealed, breath no longer streaming out of her mouth.
As Hissing Cousins makes clear, the two women from one of America's foremost families could not have been more different.
San Francisco: The San Francisco Zoo is giving the spurned and broken-hearted a new reason to mark Valentine's Day - the chance to adopt a giant scorpion or hissing cockroach named after a heart-trampling ex.
Someone told me that to stop the barking, I should use either a plastic bottle with stones in it to rattle and throw or use a spraycan that gives a loud hissing noise.
These have been described in many different languages as hissing, swishing, whizzing, whirring, buzzing, and crackling.
The nine-year-old alerted her mum to the possibility of a major leak when she noticed fumes hissing from an empty house.
Los Angeles, Mar 18 ( ANI ): A New York chef is apparently endorsing hissing cockroaches and other insects as the food of the future.
Hissing and harassing, a dog and two ladies have already incurred their wrath at Wrexham's Acton Park.
Political leaders aiming to minimize the hissing of powerful political interests thus often shape tax policy based on political expediency and incrementalism.