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The cost of a hire-purchase deal is harder to calculate because rates, which vary between 0 per cent and 20 per cent, are often not clearly stated.
Whatever the outcome by March, it's currently business as usual for all the Motability scheme dealers, who are still offering vehicles for lease or hire-purchase.
JMT Network Services (JMT)'s asset-management arm, J Asset Management (JAM), has acquired hire-purchase bad debt valued at Bt3.
In future Welcome Car Finance, a leading provider of hire-purchase for second-hand motors, will be more picky about who it lends to.
You could go to your bank, stick it on the plastic, pay on hire-purchase, crank up the overdraft or ask a member of your family to loan the cash - but which way is going to work out cheapest?
A portfolio of Ford Australia's consumer loans and commercial hire-purchase contracts collateralizes the notes, allowing the rating to rise above the single-'A' rating of the seller.
The subject of the public contract for the supply of these buses is taken in the form of direct purchase of goods or hire-purchase or by lease with subsequent purchase (leasing).
And apart from a few little things - the pounds 80m debt, the sale of the family silver on the cheap, the 75 company cars, the 37 redundancies, the pounds 40,000 a week to Seth Johnson, the hire-purchase fish and the relegation - he did.