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Synonyms for hire

Synonyms for hire

to obtain the use or services of

to engage the temporary use of (something) for a fee

to give temporary use of in return for payment


the act of employing for wages

the state of being employed

one who is employed by another

Synonyms for hire

a newly hired employee

Related Words

the act of hiring something or someone

hold under a lease or rental agreement

engage for service under a term of contract

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Lobert says that in the mid-80s, it could take up to six weeks to hire a math teacher.
However, the cost to hire an anesthesiologist is $200,000.
This audit process is instrumental in holding those with hiring authority accountable and vividly reminding them that the objective is to hire the most capable, not the most likable, the most impressionable, or a perceived "best fit" for the facility management team.
Respondents indicated the top four critical skills and knowledge that they look for in a new hire.
To obtain sufficient personnel to meet these needs, PCSO's Human Resources Division calculated that it must hire 304 applicants during the fiscal year.
One of those would hold that the employee you really want to hire is the person who is mature, settled down, somebody who has a family," she says.
She also did not recall Berger's ever making a promise to have a community referendum on whether or rot to hire an outside firm to run Co-op City's day-to-day operations.
This is a serious hire, so you want to find the best possible "package," an 18-karat candidate.
New hires have three business days from the date of hire to present to the employer document(s) that establish their identity and eligibility for work in the U.
ATLANTA -- Hire Velocity, a national Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm, announced the launch of HV Consulting, a complementary service line that leverages RPO technology and best practices to place skilled direct hire and contract professionals.
Today, cutting-edge corporations hire Thomas--whose recruitment consulting firm specializes in Internet recruiting--to scout for talent before they actually have openings available.
51 as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which Congress believes win have a meaningful impact on the economy, as well as provide incentives to hire the disadvantaged.
What percentage of the companies that like to hire on a temp-to-hire basis are considered small companies, middle-sized companies or large companies?
com/reports/c48304) has announced the addition of (Great) Employees Only: How Gifted Bosses Hire and De-Hire Their Way to Success to their offering.