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a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s

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You can still go to sunset drumming sessions at Benirras beach, attended by hippies and wannabes of all ages and persuasion.
If all us old hippies turn up, how we will get our zimmer frames up on the stage at the end to dance with the cast?
In keeping with generations of Americans hippies believed that women were essentially different from men: more intuitive, nurturing, cooperative, nonaggressive, present-oriented, and ruled by their emotions and bodies.
It's about that moment in modern history which acknowledged that 'evil' drug-taking hippies and social harmony were like madness and genius, just two sides of the same beautiful coin.
FLARES, platforms and cheesecloth scream the decade that brought us hippies, glam rock and Abba.
Fear not lovers of chic, hippies are not this summer's main fashion inspiration.
EVERYONE remembers Woodstock and the Isle of Wight festivals, but in August 1967 hippies were heading for Bedfordshire.
The culture of the hippies, whom many mocked as tree- huggers, led to the philosophy of taking care of the Earth through recycling, organic food, vegetarianism and preserving forests.
They were known for taking drugs, wearing wacky clothes and having a casual attitude to sex but a poll yesterday reveals that hippies have had a profound effect on the British way of life.
7 THE HIPPIES LIKE to use the following phrase to describe appropriate camping behavior: "Take only photographs and leave only footsteps.
The new studio, Paramount, tried to shave costs, producing a ghastly hybrid: an expensive show that looked cheap, featuring radioactive bombs of episodes that focused on "Spock's Brain" and a cult of space hippies whose signature song "Steppin' Into Eden" failed to climb the 1969 charts.
The star, who led his band through a blistering selt in Glasgow last Monday, notoriously shared his views on hippies at Glastonbury
Weaver is a professor of English and his carefully polished vignettes about Paul and the people he meets this summer--the characters at the gas station where he works, the hippies camped on Paul's family farm, the convict who helps out his parents to make up for Paul's absence--quietly pull in the reader.
And it's all coming from a bunch of decrepit hippies sitting near the beach in front of The Polzeath Restaurant where Wills and Harry are regulars in their dad Prince Charles's Duchy of Cornwall.