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a youth subculture (mostly from the middle class) originating in San Francisco in the 1960s

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SCOTLAND might not have had a Carnaby Street or a Hyde Park festival - but there was no shortage of hippies here during the heady Summer of Love in 1969.
But peel back the hippie decor and the NORML lawyers' rationalizations seem quite at home in 80s Washington.
Miles focuses on the years 1965 to 1971, grokking the immense variety of hippies with an obsessive and encyclopedic attention to detail that has scarcely been seen in American letters since Ishmael's musings on sea creatures in Moby Dick.
Maria, 33, whose own 10-year-old son was involved in the show, added: "The kids had chosen hippie outfits and they also chose the song.
As Georges Lucas' Star Wars rationalized Dionysian mysticism with Apollonian technology, so Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind used love zaps from the sky to transform members of the middle-American silent majority into hippie dropouts.
The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" tells the stories and the antics of three loveable hippie brothers: cowboy-hatted Freewheeling Frank, mad-inventor Phineas, and Fat Freddy, as well as Fat Freddy's cat, described as meaner than Garfield, smarter than Felix, randier than Fritz and a better mouser than Tom.
On some issues, I find myself agreeing far more with the tree-hugging hippies than with the country-club Republicans.
Don't you have to be a hippie to skate for Element?
And even though "How to Smoke Bananas" is a chapter in Portlander Chelsea Cain's latest book - "The Hippie Handbook" - she doesn't recommend that you actually try this one.
WHEN Hippies Ruled The World (BBC1, Weds) had me wishing I'd taken a far-out trip myself - as far out the living room as possible.
It can be as it became an icon for hippies a decade after it was written.
The convoy pulled out peacefully from a Pictish battlefield site - just as police prepared to evict the hippies.
Reminding the Republican Convention that not every boomer smoked pot, demonstrated against the government, and enlisted in the sexual revolution, Marilyn Quayle seemed to realize that in 1992 as in 1968, the battle was between SDS hippies and ROTC straights.
It's alright--just a little surf town full of hippies.
One of Gram's goals in life was to bridge the wide, Vietnam-era cultural gulf between hippies and rednecks with a yearning music that both could appreciate.