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Ironically, considering their opposition to the commercialization of hippiedom, it was the business that wrecked the Vermont commune scene--specifically, the marijuana business.
But seemingly all at once the disintegration and violence bloomed into something compelling: The East Village rose from the ashes of spent hippiedom, SoHo started to happen, Mean Streets and Taxi Driver mined the streets for poetry--and the Yankees were winning.
In the genesis of "Flower Power" and hippiedom, replete with animate, environmental, and occult glories, many literary greats presided over a degenerated bunch of would-be writers with no true talent.
The green movement, too, has evolved over the years: With renewable energy production now the fastest-growing industrial sector in the world and as many as 37 million US jobs expected in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries by 2030, it has become clear that the days of associating environmental sustainability with hippiedom are behind us.
However, she's undeniably weird, with some new age leanings that stray dangerously close to hippiedom.
Luckily, that was the year of the Woodstock Music Festival, the height (or should we say Haight) of all hippiedom.
As the 1970s drew to a close and Americans prepared to bid farewell to a decade that had begun in hope and hippiedom and ended in cynicism and polyester, Washington Monthly founding editor Charles Peters unleashed "A Platform for the Nineteen-Eighties" (February 1979), a thirteen-page manifesto calling on Americans to make the 1980s a new era of idealism.
In the 1960s and 70s, both organic foods and vegetarianism became associated with the counterculture in the West, hippiedom, Eastern spirituality and yoga, and a larger context of social justice and environmental advocacy.
The Elementary Particles also cites elevated divorce rates, cosmetic surgery, the rise of hippiedom, recreational drug use, increased violent crime, peep shows, free-love communes, sex clubs, sex tourism, snuff films, and the destruction of the nuclear family.
Few, however, came closer to sustaining the old ideal than the long-haired and bearded Chet Helms, the smiling face of hippiedom.
In June 1968, the days of hippiedom and flower power, they headlined the first free Hyde Park concert, with Tyrannosaurus Rex, Roy Harper and Jethro Tull sharing the bill.
The urban nesting ground of both Haight Ashbury hippiedom and NASDAQ's Silicon Valley has become ground zero in the newest clash of the Culture Wars.