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The Elementary Particles also cites elevated divorce rates, cosmetic surgery, the rise of hippiedom, recreational drug use, increased violent crime, peep shows, free-love communes, sex clubs, sex tourism, snuff films, and the destruction of the nuclear family.
Few, however, came closer to sustaining the old ideal than the long-haired and bearded Chet Helms, the smiling face of hippiedom.
In June 1968, the days of hippiedom and flower power, they headlined the first free Hyde Park concert, with Tyrannosaurus Rex, Roy Harper and Jethro Tull sharing the bill.
Boyle turns his snarky eye on post-peace, man, pre-Prankster hippiedom.
If one must force an ideological reading onto The Bloody Brood, one could potentially argue that the film is a critique of American (sub)cultural penetration into Canada--a subculture that is later celebrated so readily in the bouncy hippiedom of Denis Heroux's forgotten sexploitation film, Valerie (1968).
And in the restless patchouli-scented epicentre of swinging London, flower power and hippiedom that King's Road became, the shop sold Breuer's Bauhaus chairs in tubular steel, Castiglioni's curving Arco lamp designed for Flos, and Le Corbusier's Grand Confort.
Ho hum, it's hippiedom revisited, a New Age guru with typical yuppie psychological hang-ups.
Kimball here also attempts a deeper historical and philosophical analysis of the nature of cultural revolutions and of the underlying worldview of hippiedom a nd student radicalism.
Still brandishing the deadly weapon, Carmella lashes out angrily: Meadow, whose name is redolent of a long outdated middle-class hippiedom, is not only grounded, she says, she's not to be allowed to make a promised trip to Aspen.
CHICAGO-It's not quite the return of hippiedom, but lighting manufacturers are responding to consumers' expressive and creative desires.
Now "growing up with it" refers to collegeage people who are as familiar with Yiddish music and culture as I am with the rock and roll and hippiedom of my youth.
Few people then were aware, of course, that hippiedom was just starting its roll down the runway.
But in those swinging days of 1960s and 1970s, it was the motorised symbol of hippiedom.
Now 50, Williams trained as an actor in Cape Town, but left and worked his way to Nepal and hippiedom "to avoid military conscription", he says.