hipped roof

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a roof having sloping ends as well as sloping sides


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The hipped roof subtype is equally divided between one- and two-story heights, and normally lacked typical Craftsman details,
Outside, use of the same siding pattern blends the new part with the old, and stepped walls and hipped roof planes add interest.
The school building, built in 1950, is a rectangular four to five-storey building with a flat sloping hipped roof, an integrated protruding staircase and a corridor on each floor.
A new, higher hipped roof made of dark reclaimed timber adds space and conceals service ductwork, while a simple rostra seating system offers directors and designers a great range of staging options.
To make the facade look wider and grander, Bain eliminated the small gable over the front door and ran a hipped roof straight across the front of the house.
As part of the curriculum for an apprenticeship in Level 3 Site Joinery, students have to complete a traditional hipped roof, which usually TAKEs about six months.
15m, design changes to the external appearance and a hipped roof at the gable end.
A rapid development of domestic architecture followed, culminating in Casa Bedo, Johannesburg (1936 by Cowin & Ellis), a free plan form and Miesian spatial organisation adapted to local conditions by wide eaves and a hipped roof reminiscent of Herbert Baker.
In addition to the flat roof areas is still a 240 m2 large historic glass roof in the form of hipped roof of the listed old building, taking account of the monument protection and difficult structural conditions to sanieren.
Raise roof over part of the 20th century existing extension to create additional bedroom with a double hipped roof and convert the existing garage into a playroom, New Laithe Cottage, Bank Royd Lane, Barkisland.
And there is a certain confidence in the styling of today's house, as plain as it could be with lots of big windows and a no-nonsense hipped roof, all constructed in modest red brick.
bar] St Patricks Church, listed building consent for repairs to hipped roof and rebuilding of two chimneys (conservation area), 30 New North Road, Huddersfield.
There are contrasting timbered gable treatments, a high, hipped roof and a distinct early 20th century look to the two storey bays and window designs.
Mr and Mrs C Nowell, bay window extension and alterations from flat roof to hipped roof over garage, 1 Cherry Tree Walk, Scholes.