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amaryllis of tropical America often cultivated as a houseplant for its showy white to red flowers

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Water hippeastrums planted last month and keep them warm and moist as they grow
Hippeastrums flower in winter or spring, they cannot tolerate frost and should never be placed outdoors in winter.
Plant hippeastrums in pots for late spring flowering, but keep them in a warm, humid atmosphere until the buds appear.
Other spring-blooming, Narcissus-family bulbs include Leucojum vernum or spring snowflake, daffodils, ornamental onions and garlics (Alliums), and the Hippeastrums.
You can have a mass of colour and fragrance indoors in winter with deliciously scented hyacinths, hippeastrums, irises, grape hyacinths, snowdrops and miniature daffodils, which can all brighten up your home in winter.
There should be no need APART from hippeastrums and poinsettias, our house plant cyclamen must be one of the most popular growing seasonal presents, giving us colour and interest from its foliage as well as its flowers for up to three months in the dark days of winter and the early days of spring.
Hippeastrums (also known as Amaryllis) are among the highest-impact bulbs you can display indoors at Christmas.
Continue to keep hippeastrums moist and feed them occasionally.
EASY PLANT hippeastrums or amaryllis (right) bulbs by burying only the lower half in 6in pots of compost.
Hippeastrums grow in most well-drained proprietary com- posts.
Pleiones are often called the `windowsill orchid', and I reckon that if you can grow a decent indoor cyclamen, or even keep your hippeastrums going from year to year, you can grow these cracking little alpine orchids successfully.
Plant hippeastrums in pots for late spring flowering and keep in a warm, humid atmosphere, watering sparingly until the buds appear.
STAND OUT: Hippeastrums are striking in any garden, but need the right care to thrive