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the line formed by measuring the hip at its greatest part

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the line formed by the lower edge of hip-length garment

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Shape: Even shoulder and hipline with a defined waist.
Aim: Soften the hipline and draw attention to neck and shoulders.
A tendu to the front is exactly to the front, not in front of your hipline," she tells her students.
Low-waisted dresses with loose belts at the hipline will cover up the tummy
A tapered jacket ending just below the hipline would look great on your girlfriend.
This corset-style dress is perfect for her, as it is quite tight fitting over the bust and waist areas, but then flares out at the hipline, and is able to conceal a multitude of sins.
Called sloops, the new 5-pocket loopless jeans were created for casual wear to fit the physique of the typical suspender wearer, whose waistline is larger than the hipline, and who also has a flat rear end.
Her gown featured a band of champagne satin and featured floral embroidery accentuated with delicate beading trellising from the bodice over the hipline.
Smaller pads give subtle strength to the shoulder, balance the hipline and lengthen the upper body.
They come in a range of designed - buttoned to the hipline or the hem, denim or cotton, belted or not - anything goes really.
Called sloops(TM), the new jeans are for anyone who has a waistline larger than the hipline, and who also has a flat rear end, according to Sal Herman, Founder and President.
I've always thought the Welsh women are amongst the most beautiful - they have beautiful eyes and skin, that dark thick wavy hair, neat wrists and ankles and well-defined waistlines and curved hiplines.
Combine this stance with stronger hiplines and Audi's new signature cat-eye LED daytime running lights, and the A4 Avant now rides low and mean.