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a pocket in rear of trousers

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I have bank clients but think credit unions are more in line with our philosophy," Mark Zmarzly, founder and CEO of Hip Pocket, stated.
I usually just carry the revolver in my hip pocket with five rounds loaded and the hammer down on the empty 6th chamber.
They need to go in your wallet, which, of course, belongs in your hip pocket unless you're wearing a dress suit, and if so, you probably shouldn't be trying to navigate the entire Atlantic Coast.
So there you have it: my highlights from CIL 2014, straight from my hip pocket and thanks to my iPhone.
Alas, all too often, give 'em a wrap and they give you a bum steer - which makes 'em as useless as a hip pocket in a pair of underpants.
If we had it today we'd probably have Nick Clegg in Cameron's hip pocket.
When they feel pain in the hip pocket, the rest of the world has a double hernia.
Keep your wallet in a front or inside coat pocket, or in a buttoned hip pocket.
Pull one out of your hip pocket that looks just like Dad's.
First, to see that they have bands playing nearly every night and that some of those old, legendary rockers from Kolkata (such as drummer Nondon Bagchi, whose band, Hip Pocket [Click to see nuggets from this page] , incidentally, began the trend of turning the pub into a nightly gig venue) are still playing and going great guns.
Even as he doled out a few styling tips to Saif, urging him to tuck his fingers into the hip pocket of his jeans before posing in front of the cameras, Dandekar strode on to the stage in an Audrey denim dress from Only, a jeans brand for women.
Agreed another judge, Ben Westley, who has played with city rockers Hip Pocket in the past.
More to the point, I have never seen Herald get blanked--the golden horseshoe in his hip pocket must be terribly uncomfortable.
Baby, those other jugglers' gigolo tricks--/magician's spell and mime's unspoken sigh--/don't turn my head, don't catch my ear of eye,/but your mercury rolls in my hip pocket.