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protective garment consisting of a pad worn by football and hockey players

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In the meantime, you can use your computer to compare and purchase hip pads from KPH, SAFEHIP, HIPS, and HipGuard.
Hip Pad Brings Pain Management to Joint Replacement Patients
The independent upper-arm exerciser can now be conveniently adjusted from the electronics control panel just above the hip pad.
Their full line of pads includes lightweight hip pads in team colors, flak jackets, molded-foam hand and forearm guards, and neck, knee, and hip pads in a wide array of protective accessories.
JM: My advice to anyone would be always wear hip pads, eyelashes, nails, and panty hose, unless you're just that fish
And he generally knows what he wants to achieve with his designs - this season, a tense, femme-fatale silhouette that relies on tailoring, hip pads and a graphic black-and-white scheme.
With sewn-in hip pads and a removable tailbone pad, this latex-free garment can be used as a hip protector or a combination hip-and-tailbone protector.
Both hands are either thrown back to the hip pads or brought up to the outside of the chest just under the shoulders for a hands block.
It includes padded lumbar hip pads and shoulder straps for all-day comfort.
The design has sewn-in hip pads and a removable tailbone pad.
People were putting knee pads on backwards, hip pads upside down.
It offers 2,191 cubic inches of storage space and features two internal support bars, compression straps for minimizing bulk, padded lumbar hip pads and shoulder straps, and a dual Daisy chain for securing gear (Scent-Lok, 1-800-315-5799, www.
Just suit up with wrist elbow and knee guards a couple of hip pads and, of course, a helmet and you'll be ready to race.
Preventive measures range from correction of poor eyesight and depth perception, to the use of balance-promoting exercises, hip pads, and ergonomic aids such as well-placed handrails.