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The patent's abstract describes a control unit for extracting biometric information of a user from an acquired image and acquiring a password hint on the basis of the biometric information and a preconfigured password.
S2, was found for Holists, indicating that they used Synonymy Hint 1, then they would use Synonymy Hint 2, and subsequently they would use Synonymy Hint 1 again.
Sent on the trip north by trainer Andrew Balding, Secret Hint will be having just her sixth career start here, but her efforts to date have marked her a filly who could make a real impact at a reasonable level this term.
99 until July 1, it has a promising nose of strawberry with hints of cream.
The base of the Hint brand is denim, which is a category the company describes as one of their strongest.
But, Karunanidhi's statement yesterday was the clearest hint ever, more so after the 2011 state Assembly electoral debacle which saw a growing clamour for Stalin taking over the party.
Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB) is expanding its line of V8([R]) 100% vegetable juices with the addition of two new varieties: V8 100% vegetable juice Hint of Lime and V8 100% vegetable juice Hint of Black Pepper.
But this Brussels pat was labelled "Brussels Pat with Garlic: A smooth pork liver pat with a hint of garlic.
Just in time for summer, Heinz has announced an addition to its popular Deli Mayo range with the launch of Deli Mayo with a Hint of Chilli.
The attention-grabbing new branding features the original You Are What You Eat logo, followed by Nature with a hint of Exotic and Nature with a hint of Naughty, which will be carried across four new-to-market mixes:
Each section of Little Lessons for Nurse Educators by Linda Caputi, EdD, RN, CNE, a member of the NLN Board of Governors, is formatted with a quotation, a message for nursing education, and a "Nightingale," a succinct statement or useful hint.
The observations also hint that dark energy, which pervades all space, might emanate from the cosmic vacuum and have a constant density.
Stored for at least two years in small French and American oak barrels (a few of them charred barrels for a hint of smoke) before being blended together, Cuervo's Reserva de la Familia ($100) flaunts a deep amber hue, with a floral aroma of sweetness mixed with hints of citrus.
BEING AVERAGE ISN'T NECESSARILY the worst thing," smirks Peter Quirk, front man for Seattle's Hint Hint.