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hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey or ass

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Hinny likes company so would prefer a home where he isn't left alone for too long.
A hinny is the combination of a male horse and a female donkey.
As she speaks, in the conservatory of her modest London home, three rescued greyhounds sprawl like sleeping ballerinas at her feet - Tati, Hinny and Bonnie, each one with a terrible story to tell.
My first greyhound Tati is an ex-racer and the other two, Hinny and Bonnie, both came from a greyhound rescue charity.
The game was bitter sweet for me as it was my last as a Hinny but I am so proud to have been part of such an amazing team - what a way to start the year.
The product segments discussed in the data reports include: Bovine meat and offal Swine meat and offal Sheep, lamb and goat meat and offal Horse, mule, ass and hinny meat and offal Rabbit and hare meat and offal Sausages Fowl, duck and goose meat and offal Turkey meat and offal Other meat and poultry products
Finally, hinny isn't a posh word for the stuff bees make.
Well all that's gone down the pan now thanks to the anallyretentive jobsworths at Newcastle City Council who, apart from spending their days looking up their own backsides (in lieu of having nothing better to do), have now decided that the ageold words "pet, hinny and love" are insulting, and so they've banned them.
Part of Gateshead Council's Winter Festival, this is a constantly moving show, with Konyn changing tack, and voices, in stories of the longest night, the sun and moon and Northern Lights, plus marriage and love and seas and seals, while dancer Andrea Masala is mesmerising as the Arctic hare - balletic one moment, rabbit-like jumps and thrusts the next - and beautiful, mood-changing fiddle music comes courtesy of Hinny Pawsey.
Table 52: US Imports of Lamb, Sheep and Goats (Fresh, Chilled and Frozen) (2013) - Percentage Share Breakdown of Value Imports by Origin Country (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-18 Table 53: US Exports of Edible Offal - Bovine, Sheep, Goat, Swine, Ass, Horse, Mule and Hinny (Fresh Chilled and Frozen) (2013) - Percentage Share Breakdown of Value Exports by Top Ten Destination Countries (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-19
KEEP ya feet still Geordie hinny Ya too owld ti win the cup Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny And hang ya trainers up Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Give ya poor soles a rest Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Mother Nature she knaa's best Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Yill find it's nee big disgrace Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Father Time has won the race Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Yi war a guddin in ya day Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Retirement's here to stay Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Divvint run nee more again Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Take a trip down memory lane Keep ya feet still Geordie hinny Yi might mek it through the neet Cos am getting tired Geordie Of ya itchy twitchy feet.
Bottle Bank Band, meanwhile, was formed in 2009 and is made up of fiddlers Sophy Ball, Hinny Pawsey, David Jones and Stewart Hardy, who combine to give an imaginative twist to a centuries-old tradition.
Thursday, January 20 witnessed the launch of the long-anticipated Tyneside Fiddle Alliance, a project designed by local musicians Stewart Hardy and Hinny Pawsey to further highlight the region's cultural wealth by focusing on centuries of acclaimed Northern fiddle music.
have banned workers from saying pet, hinny or sweetheart in case it offends anyone are wrong.