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hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey or ass

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Keep Yor Feet Still Geordey Hinny is a popular classic and we already know from the demand for Joe Wilson Night that there is huge interest in the man who wrote that song and his life.
The testes of a male hinny, stallion and Jack donkey, all 3 to 5-years of age and in good health, were obtained from a local abattoir.
Hinny likes company so would prefer a home where he isn't left alone for too long.
With shorter ears, a hinny has a more horselike head and a long, full tail, but the smaller body of a donkey.
My first greyhound Tati is an ex-racer and the other two, Hinny and Bonnie, both came from a greyhound rescue charity.
Finally, hinny isn't a posh word for the stuff bees make.
As she speaks, in the conservatory of her modest London home, three rescued greyhounds sprawl like sleeping ballerinas at her feet - Tati, Hinny and Bonnie, each one with a terrible story to tell.
Well all that's gone down the pan now thanks to the anallyretentive jobsworths at Newcastle City Council who, apart from spending their days looking up their own backsides (in lieu of having nothing better to do), have now decided that the ageold words "pet, hinny and love" are insulting, and so they've banned them.
The Singin' Hinny Cafe, 241 Shields Road, Byker, is available through Rook Matthews Sayer for PS35,000 (leasehold)per annum, tel:
A huge hit on stage in the North East, his Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny ranks alongside George Ridley's The Blaydon Races as one of the greatest of Tyneside songs.
The legendary 19th Century performer, whose best-known song is Keep Your Feet Still Geordie, Hinny, was born in Stowell Street, Newcastle, on November 29, 1841.
Singing hinny is a type of scone traditionally made in the North East.
Keep Your Feet Still Geordie, Hinny was among 100 or so songs he made popular as - thanks to fast-developing railway links - he toured the region.
have banned workers from saying pet, hinny or sweetheart in case it offends anyone are wrong.
Brewers are encouraged to think of names that include a reference to 40 years, ruby or 1976, so among this year's entrants are Newcastle XXXX, Life Begins at 40 and Hetton Ruby Hinny.