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Swaraj says South Block is on a diplomatic mission to garner support India asked China to judge its membership bid not on the basis of criterion but its credentials Much will hinge upon Narendra Modi's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping along the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit meet in Tashkent The crucial plenary meet of the 48- member nuclear group is scheduled to be held at Seoul on June 24 ON THE AGENDA
Therefore the boards' decision may hinge upon the city and state's $600 million share of the cost of the stadium.
Thousands of jobs at Airbus UK's wingmaking plants on Deeside will hinge upon the development of new planes such as the proposed A350 which will compete for orders with Boeing's new 787.
Excerpts from biblical texts remind us that the framework for any change, must include, if not hinge upon, our spirituality--our relationships with God.
FUTURE PLANS for Camlet hinge upon the results of an official stalls test after the hot favourite gave her supporters a scare before living up to expectations as she made a winning debut at Yarmouth.
Diode pump arrays for solid-state lasers hinge upon the cost and performance of the arrays.
He said the stable of stations seeking the 18-34-year-old demographic is crowded, so a station's success can often hinge upon factors such as dial placement.
Acceptance or rejection of biotechnology, and other food-related technologies will hinge upon who steps forward first with credible information that is easily understood by the end user," Brewer says.
He said talks with the city would hinge upon Operating Engineers agreeing to the meeting.
Luke's Medical Center in Chicago agrees that therapeutic uses for CAF hinge upon knowing its molecular makeup, but he notes that the San Francisco team's elucidation of the way CAF inhibits HIV replication will help in developing new ways to fight HIV.
Over the medium to long term, improvements in Telecom's credit quality will hinge upon a sustained recovery of the Argentine economy and telecommunications services demand, in addition to tariff relief as part of a sustainable regulatory framework for the fixed-line business.
TODAY'S meetings at Beverley and Haydock hinge upon 8am inspections because of the weather.
The deal will still hinge upon Jose Antonio Reyes' future as he is currently on loan at Real, who have indicated to Arsenal they do not want to sign him permanently.
Cheltenham clerk of the course Simon Claisse said: ``The meeting could all hinge upon how long the cold spell will last for.
Since recognition of the Y2K problem has been an evolving phenomenon, the analysis for potential negligence arising from the specification of non-compliant Y2K components in completed projects will, again, hinge upon what was the then prevailing standard of care in the design professional community.